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1. Salman Khan

2. Aamir Khan

3. Shahrukh Khan

4. Hrithik Roshan

5. Akshay Kumar

6. Ajay Devgn

7. Ranbir Kapoor

8. Ranveer Singh

9. Varun Dhawan

10. Tiger Shroff
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Add Hrithik As Well!


Sorry i missed Hrithik. Ok added.


Top 6 matter. The rest are hirani/shetty/dharma/PR/scandal dependent


Yes true @intense.

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Prediction For My Favorite Actor

Aamir- 5 (3 All Time Blockbuster)

Salman 10 (Couple Of Atbb)
Shahrukh None
Akshay And Ajay 3 (Shetty Masss)
Hrithik And Varun 2
Tiger Ranbir And Ranveer 4

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yaar i dont know about commentary but its simply not logical to count hits of bb as second lead , there is no point in crediting even hits like k3g , mohabbatein, badla , piku , pink etc to big b
similarly pktdk, ypd for dharam ji for me its all about their performance as a main lead actor
unlike rajnikanth who is still the main lead hero in his movies as movies ride on him


Why not? Superstar never finished if a good and proper role movie there, movie is actors favourite genre and suited him than its surely going big.


Rancho, Aamir ke saath kuch keh nahi sakte bhai. 2020 ke baad I wont be surprised if he takes a 2 or 3 year break.


Haha Are Bhai Aisa Nahi Hai He Never Took 3 Years Break Apart From Early 2000s Decade (2002-2004, Even Here 1 Year Can Be Discounted As Mangal Pandey Needed That Much Time) When He Was Having Personal Life Problems,

He Has Done 16 Films In 2 Decades Of This Century And In Next 2 Decades Of His Career As Well He Will Atleast Do That Much Films!

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Am not a seer but can predict two out of these for sure :

Shahrukh Khan - Zero
Akshay Kumar - Zero

And intelligent guess for the Top 2 as follows :

Aamir Khan - 4/4
Salman Khan - 9/12

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Salman: 7
Aamir: 3 (considering he really slows down his work)
SRK: None
HR: 2/3
Akshay: 2
Ajay: 2

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Downvote on this.....well...........

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  1. Salman Khan 3

  2. Aamir Khan 4

  3. Shahrukh Khan 1

  4. Hrithik Roshan 3

  5. Akshay Kumar 1

  6. Ajay Devgn 2

  7. Ranbir Kapoor 3

  8. Ranveer Singh 3

  9. Varun Dhawan 2

  10. Tiger Shroff 2

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khans hardly have 3/4 years left as a lead hero imo

hrithik -> 2/3
khans -> 1/2 each
ranbir/ranveer -> 2 - 4
new brigade -> cant say tiger can have maximum

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Hello I am creepy Salman will dominate with more BB, he has the perfect movies to do so. Aamir will do so with stardom and quality content. SRK.....he is done.


i still think srk will comeback as a lead atleast for 2-3 movies


@Ajay Not Vivek Agnihotri.. Atul Agnihotri. Veteran is currently the 5th Highest grossing Korean film.

So it's again a cop film & there will be another younger star in the movie to play the parallel lead as the spoiled rich kid. That is a script which will instantly suit Indian cinema. But good they aren't starting it right after Dabangg 3.


Yes @suhas my mistake. Its atul agnihotri.

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Salman Khan-7/8
Aamir Khan-3
Shahrukh Khan- can't say
Hrithik Roshan-2/3
Ajay- 4
Tiger- 3/4
Ranbir Kapoor-2
Varun Dhawan-0/1

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Next Decade Young Actors will Have More Blockbusters..
Ranveer Singh & Tiger Shroff Will Dominate the Next Decade...
90s Actor will Finish in Early 2020s Decade bcoz of His age Audience will Ignore them.

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Aamir ... low volume 1 or 2 ...stardom finish 3,4 years

Srk ... very hard for him none blockbuster
soon retired

Salman ..if Bharat and dabangg will collect huge...
Then till 5 years...he will dominate...3 blockbuster...

Ranveer, tiger , Hrithik ..will be dominate...

7-8 blockbusters combined

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Salman khan 5
Ranveer singh 4
Ranveer kapoor 3
Tiger shroff 3
Hrithik Rohan 2
Varun 2
Srk 1 (10% chances)

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ranbir - 5

ranveer - 4

salman - 3 to 4

aamir - 3

HR - 3.

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Nothing is permanent. If Salman fails with Bharat by giving average or below grosser: 2, if he gives BB with Bharat, he could reach 10 blockbusters.
Aamir: might get 3, coz he is clever with choices, he might not work on more than 4 movies in 10 years.
SRK: 0, unless he finds himself out.
HR: Depends upon volume, 3
Akki/Ajay: They have 4-5 years with them easily, 2 to 3 each.

Don't know about the rest, coz they can have 1.5 crores footfalls blockbusters.

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