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btw i wonder how these movies get record pre release buisness when hardly once in a blue moon they beakeven


Well demand & supply. Though breaking even part is true, it is altogether different lobbying on how the "demand" is maintained / forced upon.


Do u think they're Bollywood movies which struggle to give competition to whatever movie in theaters? They do that business because they break even. Though doubtful for maharshi. But if wom is positive this figure will be done

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100cr share only to be hit damnnnn

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I doubt breakeven bcoz even BAN with postive wom didn't breakeven


I've stopped thinking about that. My worry is to which show I should catch on 9th May.

If I think about box office or even content, the last Mahesh Babu film I truely liked was 1:Nenokkadine. So as a fan, I am just there supporting him, hoping to get a good film from him.

Infact the only film of his which I skipped in theater since 2004 is the film I truly liked. Khaleja. So as long as the film is not an Aagadu or Brahmotsavam, it's fine. I am even okay with an headache inducing Businessman but I just don't want to put myself through Aagadu or Brahmotsavam ever again.


Ohh how much i wish to see one of his movies in theatre hopefully that dream will come alive one day


₹100cr SHARE for just breakeven. No big deal as potential is there for ₹135-140cr with positive WOM. BAN did ₹95cr and it was just decent WOM.

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there is no hope of getting rid of south movies on movies channel almost stopped watching movies on them now

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Well you know how channels overdo it. Considering the amount of dubbed films they have purchased, no escaping.



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how many superstars are there in South ???

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South is way diff than bollywood


You meant the title Superstar or actual stars with super stardom?

Just speaking of the title Superstar...well in Tamil it's only Rajinikanth. Since Mahesh Babu's father Krishna owned the title Superstar, it was given to Mahesh Babu once he attained super stardom. You do know, titles are integral part of south heroes. Superstar Krishna, Superstar Rajinikanth.. before earning Megastar title, Chiranjeevi's title was Supreme Hero. Prabhas is called Young Rebel Star & soon to be called as Rebel Star because his uncle Krishnam Raju's title was Rebel Star.


Thanks Suhas ... Very well explained

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