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+2 votes

Nothing comes close to the IPL, to be honest. I know I am sitting in India and busy playing in the IPL, so it’s easy to say. But I have played in quite a few (tournaments) now across the world. I think it’s better than the World Cup. It’s the most incredible tournament to be part of. It wasn’t always the case. The first five years were nowhere close to where we are now. It’s so intense, so fast, and the following is just incredible.

Respect to the great man for saying this. 

P.S: I hope someone does not hide this, it is a valid interview. 

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And I'm talking about future too. You can't change it, stop fighting it and accept it.


Who's fighting? Engaging in a discussion. You could be right, I could be too. Chill man. You get worked up too much when it comes to abd.


Because he's defenceless, you know if he were to be Indian player, there would be 3-4 people by my side Andy.

But defending an overseas player is much more tough.


All that is fine but stop removing my best answer. It's my choice to select one isnt it?

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Its Due To This Kind Of Mentality That He Is A Choker Along With Other South African Cricketers

If You Dont Value International Level Tournaments You Will Never Win

No Surprise He Deserted His National Team When They Needed Him The Most And Is Busy Playing And Making Money From Every A B And C Grade Cricket Leagues!

by Assistant Director (49.6k points)
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What a rubbish thinking, titles don't make players. In that case Sachin barely made it to the next level, and what's the next level? This is team sport, no single player can win anything without other 10 players.


Sachin was a bad captain. But he dominated world cups like none other. Sadly dint make it to the winning side till 2011.

Yeah I expect kohli to win a world title, if not this year sometime later in his career. I hope he does that. Or else it will be a blemish on his glittering portfolio. This is what I want from him. I hope he does s Ricky Ponting.


Kohli Unlike ABD Has A World Cup In 2011
Even If He Doesn't Wins As A Captain Still His Record Wont Be That Bad
We All Know Kohli Is Far More Mentally Strong Person
Moreover Kohli Is Always Trying To Win WC, For Him His National Team Comes 1st, Same Was Case With Sachin And Not To Forget Sachin Has Best Performance In World Cups!


True. I just hope kohli does go on to win a cup like legend SRT. GOAT deserves it.

+3 votes

World Cup comes once in 4 yrs but IPL comes every year ..
I lost interest in IPL after 3/4 seasons ..
WC is like a festival to the Cricketers ...

by Cinematographer (90.5k points)

Dhoni finishes it off in style, India lift the world cup after 28 years.

This line alone is enough to give multiple goosebumps to me as a proud Indian. The entire IPL of 11 years cant match up to this epic moment.


Indeed the most prestigious trophy in the world of Cricket ....

+2 votes

that is because apart from money these guys get huge amount of love and praise from indians srom their home teams and ow also esp warner and abd who are hugely popular

by Location Scout (5k points)
+2 votes

I mean in terms of format, competitiveness, entertainment and most importantly environment wise IPL >> World Cup.

For example, we already have 4 semifinalists for WC with 2 teams that could get in. Rest 4 teams are not upto the level of top teams.
Comparison wise it's almost the end of group stage of IPL and still 2 teams can qualify, 3 if not for rain.

Only reason people say WC is because they are playing for nation notion. Otherwise WC can't compete, IPL is far ahead. I'm happy he said that, a player like him acknowledging this is a start, start of a revolution and also for cricket to be a global game.

by Mega Star (219k points)

Went over mine too. I guess theres some issue. I am able to select best answers for all my previous posts. Somehow this post isnt allowing me to do so.

Seems like a technical fault.


This Guy Is Worst Mod Ever, Never Seen Anyone Worse Than Him, Not Just His Language/Behavior Is Poor As A Mod But He Also Misuses His Powers

What A Shame!


Hey TB. Don't justify something stupid. Even in case of Football World cup is the biggest show on earth. In cricket world cup is way bigger than you think. Just bcoz ABD said something you don't have to agree with him.


But football World Cup is really world Cup, tell me how big is football World Cup, how many countries play it and how many try to qualify. That's the real World Cup, not just some 4-5 countries.

+2 votes

I don't know in what context ABD said that but I don't agree with him.

by Second Unit Director (79k points)
+2 votes

That’s why he retired from the international scene even though he could have played one more world cup. But continues to play in the IPL! Guess he’s more of a Challenger than South African.

That’s a big statement from a man of his stature. World Cup will never lose its sheen. A Tendulkar says winning the world cup was his life’s proudest moment even after a godly career of 20+ years. IPL is great but WC is something different, it’s a prestigious trophy.

Mumbai Indians have won 3 IPL trophies but I’d rather India win th next WC.

by Unit Manager (37.6k points)

yeah they're making money and are more inclined towards money. Other than west indians, I don't think any other nations' players motives are only to play t20 league cricket. Ofcourse ABD will be counted among such players even though I don't want to. The man could have served his nation but instead chose to play in IPL, BPL etc.

Test and ODIs are still premier forms of cricket.

Agar Pakistan, SA and other inferior countries don't have player resources then it's their incompetence. I will happily accept a World Cup trophy where India has just blown the competition out of the water.


Those 300 players consists of every nation. Besides AB served his Cricket Board enough, over a decade. That's great career, don't need opinions from those who want players to play for 40 years of age even if they are past their prime.

Another point - it doesn't matter what you say, T20 is the real premier format now, stats say that, data says that, economics, financial, technical, every parameter says that, if your stuck in past, you are unable to move on, it's your fault.

BTW good for you when you say that if India win a one sided tournament, cause that just proves what i said. Cause in some years time, there will be just India, England & Australia. So these 3 countries can play World Cup-World Cup among themselves and claim it as most prestigious trophy lol.


Happily accept a trophy ? Nah. Till someone is captain, you wont accept any wc from India. You're biased plus a kid plus fully immature.


Whoa, i don't said about about acquiring trophy..... That means you're saying this to Seinfeld lol.

+2 votes

Yes. . cricket is going the football way ... Club teams have their own following and once in every 4 years when world cup is played that will carry its own passion ...but IPL will only go bigger

by Location Manager (5.1k points)

World cups will hold their place ... Test matches are more result oriented now and will carry on as it separates the best in the class from rest is the bi lateral one day series and t20s that might lose significance


Even in football World is called as the Greatestshow on earth. So the logic is valuless TB. Messi despite his achievements get called for not winning a World Cup. World cup is bigger any day be it football or cricket.


But football World Cup is really world Cup, tell me how big is football World Cup, how many countries play it and how many try to qualify. That's the real World Cup, not just some 4-5 countries.


Lack of Investment in cricket is the reason. Only IPL, English Cricket, Aussie cricket, Indian Cricket invests huge. Others are just there.

+2 votes

What crap he just said......a thing which is an honor for a country is taken over by a mere local league, huh, doesn't matter how popular it becomes. Serving your country, playing for the country is something else and playing JUST FOR A TEAM is nothing serious.

by Unit Manager (34.2k points)

I'm not gonna argue with you, definately your opinion but I'm just gonna say, it is serious, you can check MI & CSK special shorts to see how serious it is, from management to team selection to fans, it is definately serious.

BTW I've never seen Kohli making videos of team India plays badly, but he comes and make videos apologizing to fans RCB's poor performance. So yeah, it's serious.

And rest for WC thing, i won't argue with you.


Again without logic. Kohli apologised since rcb have been messing up since ages now. That's why. Would you see dhoni issue a video apologising to fans if CSK lose the ipl final? Nah.


Nah, this time I'm not arguing about Leagues vs International.

I'm just saying that players so take IPL seriously.


haan bhai, they are taking it seriously, they can give their life for it, it's their Aag, their rage for the IPL. But these words are disrespecting to a trophy which is loved by countries not persons. Anyways, i think hum 2no he agree krtay hain aik 2sray ki baat sy

+1 vote

More Entertaining : Yessss.

Better than WC : A big No.

by Unit Manager (39.6k points)

Cz it's about nations not about franchises. So emotionally have to say WC>>>IPL. Uparse waha pe bhi competition tagda rehta hai, barring 1-2 occasions.

P. S - I like IPL more than any other tournament (including WC).


Dunno why Tb gets so angry if someone points out a finger on abd. Try defending him based on facts. Not biases.


Because it's unfair that he's being bashed by useless beings for having an opinion.


Same applies on you. You had no authority to use certain words for ashwin too. He's achieved way more on the field than what you have sitting at home.

If that is the criteria, all of us should stop participating in this forum isnt it??? An opinion is an opinion. Stop being intolerant. And reply back with tact and logic instead of trying to suppress a conflicting opinion

+1 vote

His opinion. We should respect it. But i don't agree with him.

by Second Unit Director (79.1k points)

Majority wont. There's nothing bigger than being a world cup winning captain.


In any sport World cup is way bigger. Even in football club football is great but World cup holds a special place.


True. A WC winning skipper towers above all.

+1 vote

Neither has he won a WC or IPL but having played a final in IPL it's expected of him to say so.

by Editor (82.1k points)

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