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in General Queries by Assistant Director (46k points)
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No doubt Canadian sir ne mehnat kiya aur hum Indians ne unko mehnat ka pura fal diya. Roti-kapda, Daulat, Shouhrat, Rutba, Pehchan sabkuch mila India me. Phirbhi Bharat Mata Ki Jai ke badle Canadian sir ne Canada Mata Ki Jai bolna behtar samjha. Iss gaddari-namakharami ko kya naam de ab???


@tiger you don't need to give any name public sb janti hai Kon Kya hai aur Kya gaddari ki hai Akshay ne desh ke sath ye bhi btao Zara ,
@intense u hide my comment where I might use some wrong word and it's allright but I hope u guys will take the same action against all such comments .


Naa. Public kuch nhi janti hai. Kaltak sir Canadian citizenship ko seere se nakar rahe the
Har cheez me khudko sabse bada patriotic saabit karne me lag jata tha. Ab dheere dheere cheeze logo ke samne aa rahe hai.


A guy who’s made numerous patriotic movies is not an Indian in the first place. How does it sound? Come out of the fandom boy

What about the lies? The honorary citizenship? Lets talk about that a bit.

Salman ko bohot kuch bola gaya hai but he’s a true Indian.

8 Answers

+5 votes

No sir, you have always hidden and denied it in the past. You were asked about your citizenship on Times Now & ABP News and you denied by calling it an honorary citizenship, that's a lie. Giving a clarification won't undo that. Having said that, keep up your good work. ✌
You don't have to shout from a rooftop when your actions are doing your work. AR Rahman never used desh ki tiles and desh ka tel to sell his brands and movies and politely declined Canadian citizenship. Ironically Akshay Kumar is an icon for the Nationalists and not ARR.
Have no issues with him deciding to take up Canadian citizenship, that is his personal choice. But even after being a public figure he lied multiple times on National Television that it is a honorary citizenship. And he has no rights to teach about nationalism to others either.

by Unit Manager (35.5k points)
edited by
+4 votes

He is terribly misinformed. Noone talks about his nationality because he's Canadian, now, people don't even care about it, but because of his milking of the political scenario in country & using it for his advantage, as a tool to reap benefits and take sides, teach & peach about nationalism to others.

And also because he led, he lied about his citizenship every now & then. Now he's trying to get brownie points, but sorry Mr "You are excellent on-screen but not off-screen" it doesn't work like that.

by Mega Star (215k points)

Couldn't have put it better. +1 to that.

+3 votes

"I have never hidden or denied that I hold a Canadian passport".... Lol.... Canadian Deshbhakt ka ek aur safed jhooth! 2 months pehle tak toh kehte the ki I'm an Indian citizen, Canada thing is honorary and people should proud of it.

by Unit Manager (39.2k points)

+3 votes

Hahaha Kitne fekoge Akshay Babu. Agar indian nagrik ho to vote kyun nahi diya?? Pagal kisi aur ko banana hame nahi.

by Unit Manager (31.1k points)
+3 votes

Bloody fake Bhatia.

Just milking money out of social issues and is not even an Indian. Shame on this canadian.

by Unit Manager (35.6k points)
+2 votes

A proud Indian who can't vote in India

by Second Unit Director (71.6k points)
+2 votes

Proud of akshay for standing up to criticism.

by Star (146k points)

Sss d and tiger, stop getting personal and maintain a level of decency. Stick to the point. No need to hit below the belt.


Roger that....

BTW, he himself declared him Canadian now. Hence I don't see anything wrong in calling him Canadian now.


Nah, I meant the entire comment which you said. Avoid hitting below the belt.


@ intense ok bro , personally I don't like all this but when someone said Akshay ko India se bahar fenko and all this then it's difficult to not answer but anyways sorry if unintentionally my reply hurts your's or anybody's sentiments.

0 votes

Shame to Akshay using nationalism and religious card for getting success

by Set Decorator (1.7k points)

ek statement btao Akshay ka jhan unhone koi communal bat ki ho ,konsa religious card reply zrur krna agr tumhare pas koi fact hai.

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