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Actor Rajkummar Rao has displayed his versatility across genres, but a high-octane action drama is something that’s on his wishlist.

“I like to change things up fast and keep it fresh. I’d love to do a proper action film,” Rajkummar has said in the cover story of GQ India’s May 2019 issue.

“I just know I’ve got to listen to my gut, to act, to do. Do my bit, and do it for the right reasons,” added the “Newton” actor.

With unprecedented commercial success and critical acclaim, Rajkummar has cemented a unique position in the Indian entertainment business.

He believes that the years ahead are going to be challenging for creators of content to produce something exciting enough to keep the “audience returning to theatres”.

But he is glad about what the “digital boom” is doing for India’s entertainment industry.

“I feel very happy for Arjun Mathur. He’s such a good actor and now he’s done such brilliant work in ‘Made In Heaven’ and people are talking about him,” Rajkummar said, adding that he is pleased to see “all these phenomenal writers, directors and actors who have such fire and passion and talent…just doing more.”

As an actor, he gives priority to reading stories rather than going for narrations.

“I always read the story first, and then see what character I’m playing. I select projects instinctively. The stories are getting more rooted, more Indian in nature,” he said.

Rajkummar also said that the audience now want to see actors as characters.

“It’s not about, ‘I want to be a guy like this’, it’s about ‘I know a guy like this’.”


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Hahahahahahahaha......this man is so much fun....so much fun in interviews.....self implied Daniel Day Lewis bananay k baad ab Sylvester Stallone bananay chla.....haha....muah meray shair.....lmbi lmbi chora kr hmesha isi trha, full besharam ho kr

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Ssk that is the issue with all these so called intellectual actors. Commerical cinema inse hota nahi hai that's why they behave as if their acting skill is the best in India


''Commerical cinema inse hota nahi hai that's why they behave as if their acting skill is the best in India''

yeh sahi baat kahi hai aik dum. He is overrated plus he thinks of himself as something really big as an actor.....even when i think he sat with Akshay Varun on Round Table, he was explaining ''what comedy is'' ....bohat bolta hai yeh, marnay sy pehlay maine iskay munh mein bhi kuch dy kr marna hai so that our next generations are safe #LifeAims


Hahahahahahaha. True. Ye wahi category hai, I dont believe in six pack abs, har cheez ka context hona chahiye, for me script is the king. Aur khud ne aadhe se zyaada bekaar movies men kaam Kia hai bina script ke


Hahahaha.......ajeeb creation h yeh....na yeh Shah Rukh Khan h na he Irrfan Khan, par weham hai Dilip Kumar honay ka.....qudrat he isay jaldi sy aur flop karay aur aqal dy k humble kaisay rehtay hain

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With unprecedented commercial success

ab aisi kaunsi success mil gayi

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You Would Love To Do A Proper Action Film But Who Is Going To Offer That To You?

I Hate Such Psedo Intellectual Actors Who Live In Fools Paradise Where They Are Some Superstar And Best Actor Of The Country

Fact Is That These Character Artists Are Not Even Stars, The Commercial Success They Enjoy Is At Lower Levels And Very Rarely Do They Enjoy Even That Level Of Success

And One More Thing They Are Not Even Versatile Actors, Cant Perform True Blue Hero Kind Of Roles

I Find It Damn Irritating When These 2rs Actors Start Behaving As If They Know Pulse Of The Audience, Abe Muskil Se 1 Ya 2 Film Chal Jaati Hai Toh Hawa Mei Urna Theek Nahi

Aur Yeh Writer Kis Unprecedented Success Ki Baat Kar Raha Hai?
Kitne 1 Cr Footfall Wali Films Ya Kitne Blockbuster Diye Hain Isne

Till The Time We Keep Having Orgasm For These Tier 5 Level Stars And Web Series Level Actors/Directors We Will Keep Lagging Behind Other Industries

In Past Bollywood Was Undisputed No. 1 By A Distance But These Kind Of Actors/Directors Make Such Films That Other Industries Are Now Becoming A Threat For Bollywood!

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bhai sab liberals aur crirics ki den hai ye.


Rancho, bas fashion hai bhai. Psuedo critics and these actors think commerical acting like dhoom or tiger or dabangg or Krrish is easy and anyone can do it. They think the crap they do on screen is intellectual.

R.Rao is the most overrated actor today and would badly get exposed if he's seen with any big superstar. Bas baatein karwa lo inse. Insecurity hai in sab ki aur kuch nahi


Hmm Agree

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He won-?'t suit the action genre

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Even Shahid kapoor was also the same but his action scenes in RRajkumar were awesome.


Nah shahid is way diff than rajkumar rao he is a proper hero material type
Rajkumar isn't the conventional hero

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Who will offer him one? I always read the story first.....he's been doing all sorts of mediocre movies I wonder what story they had?

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A veteran who has seen everything for years can't talk like him.How great his insight is!

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Raj Kumar Rao can nail anything as long as he comes in ensemble cast and not as solo

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He can only do serious/scared roles..... That's a fact.....

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