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Salman Khan allegedly made a phone call to his colleague Akshay Kumar in order to avoid a box office clash in 2020, reports Mumbai Mirror. According to the report, when Salman learnt that Akshay Kumar's Sooryavanshi might clash with his film Inshallah on Eid next year, the actor called up Akshay to avoid a possible clash at the box office. "Salman Khan recently called up Akshay and said that he would ensure there isn't any clash in the two mega films. Of course it would be good for their box office collections," Mumbai Mirror reports.

Source Link: https://www.ndtv.com/entertainment/salman-khan-called-akshay-kumar-to-avoid-2020-box-office-clash-report-2030691?amp=1&akamai-rum=off&__twitter_impression=true
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A few days ago many articles came that Akshay took permission of Salman for release sooryavanshi on Eid later Akshay deny all those news whose PR at work that time.


Sooryavanshi is being considerd more of a Rohit Shetty and kjo film than Akshay film. Permission lene-dene ki har baat Salman and Rohit/kjo me hogi, Akshay ka koi khas role nhi rehnewala isme.


@tiger when did I said Salman call akshay these all are PR articles aur Rahi baat permission ki to ese hi PR articles aye the ki Akshay aur Rohit ne Salman se permission like hai aur wo news bhi galat thi.

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Hahahaha how someone can say that? I mean how? An Megastar called a tiny star what? Hahahaaha it is 1000% a PR article and nothing else that's it but INSHALLAH will be on EID 2020 just wait and watch god father and Tom cruise etc

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Looks Like A PR Article Considering Box Office Pull Of Both The Actors!

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salman without action genre is disaster for stardom


What About Sunny Deol Then?


PRDP - A mere hit of Salman from non action genre>>>>>Akshay's career best (in every single category nett, gross, WW, adjusted nett, footfalls) action+non action+solo starrer+multi starrers sabkuch milake bhi.

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Means inshallah will be delayed and might not make it to Eid

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Canadian k pr working overtime these days..but the reality is he can never cross 150

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1000000% Akshay Kumar is moving out ...face saving article that Salman requested hence they moving when earlier an article came that they talked to Salman before booking Eid ....

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Only those who have not followed Salman Khan's career will believe in this article

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Don't Bow Down Like This Salman.

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salman is more of a festival king tbh widout edx his movies wont cross double digit figure and he knows it

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lol entire bhai brigade on one comment , anyway i value my brain cells


Lol khud ka level dikha diya toh halat dkho koi logical chiz hai nhi bolne ko toh jawab dkho iss illiterate ka
Jaa be jaa phle school jaa


Logical kuch hona bhi toh chahiye... Kangana Ranaut ne 4 saal pehle jitna bada grosser diya tha aKshAy sir aaj bhi uske aas-paas nhi pahuch paya hai...


Pakda gaya... Pakda gaya...Chor pakda gaya. Guys, he's not an Akshay fan. Iska favorite wo hai jo Diwali pe 50cr grossers deta hai

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After dabangg he will not be able to clash with Rohit and Akshay stardom

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And with whom is sunny competing with no stardom


"Akshay stardom"... Wohi stardom naa jiske bal-bute pe abtak Kangana tak ke highest grosser ko touch nhi paya hai