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1. Baahubali The Conclusion 125 Cr

2. '2.0' 58 Cr Apx

3. Avengers End Game 54 Cr Apx

4. Thugs of Hindostan 49 Cr Apx

5. Kabali 47.2 Cr Apx

6. Baahubali The Beginning 42.1 Cr Apx

7. Sarkar 42 Cr Apx

8. Prem Ratan Dhan Payo 41 Cr

9. Aravindha Sametha 40 Cr Apx (No Dub on Day 1)

10. Agnaathavaasi 40 Cr Apx (No Dub)

11. Happy New Year 37 Cr Apx

12. Sultan 36.5 Cr Apx (No Dub)
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What about top ten weekend? How many south movie can make it top ten?


yaa thats a good point

4 Answers

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Bollywood Hardly Makes Such Universal Films Which Have Huge Pre Release Hype Plus Bollywood Movies Are Not Accepted Outside Hindi Markets The Way Films From Other Industries Are Accepted In Hindi Markets, Another Reason Is That Pseudo Intellectuals Bash Bollywood Movies Just For Fun If Other Industries Deliver Even Average Film They Act As If Its Masterpiece Whereas They Do Negativity Even For Good Films Of Bollywood.

Future Of Bollywood Looks In Danger, We Hardly Have 3 Big Superstars Out Of Which Shahrukh Is Struggling Since Many Years And Aamir Comes Once In 2 Years Which Means Over Reliance On Salman To Deliver!

by Assistant Director (43.8k points)
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agree hamare to stars bhi aajkal aise hai jo hindi movie me kaam karke bhi hindi nahi bolte wrs all the stars in south cinema use their own regional language in watever promotions they do aur yahan to agar reporters inse hindi me puche to ye log english me answer karte hain , if u dont respect language then why star in hindi movies
secnd i agree completely with your analysis i found thugs entertaining and decent fun movie but the way it was bashed no other filmmaker would even attempt this genre

dont know in future indian masses will accept any other star the way they did 3 khans, bwood to sirf tier 1 cities aur critics ke liye movie bana raha hai ab vrs till 2010 they used to make universal movies

so sad


Yes Bro Exactly Yeh Aajkal Ke Jitne Stars Hain Woh Khudko Intellectual And Classy Dikhate Ke Liye Jyada Hi English Bolke Show Off Karte Hain Keval Interview Hi Nahi Even In Award Shows
Nowadays People Are Getting Too Much Influenced By Social Media And 2rs Critics Whereas They Should Only Think About Large Section Of Audience At The Ground Level

Another Thing Yeh Jis Tarha Ke Films Mei Generally Kaam Karte Hain Usse Tier 1 Cities, Classes, Multiplex Audience And A Centres Mei Hi Fan Following Bangegi Inki They Will Never Become Superstars Han Media Tag De Dega Superstar Ka Woh Alag Baat Hai

Khans Will Remain Last Superstars Of Hindi Film Industry!

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This is pretty common in south, where top heroes crossing collections of each other on day1..
This is called loyal fan following irrespective of genre(anyways south has one one genre that is action drama/comedy)..
Ex:mahesh,ntr,ram charan, chiranjeevi, pk.. They have always broken records of each others as the occupancy rate is near 100% and special shows...south audience have made an habit of watching films mandatory on day1..
But from 2nd day occupancy of south films falls in a huge percentage like 50-60%, where as in hindi it can jump by 5-10%even after a record day.

The most important factor is their language feeling.
Ap/nizam population is like 7-8cr.out of which 1-1.5cr people turnout to watch a blockbuster movie.. So 15-20 % of population is watching their regional movie, same in TN for vijay rajini ajith movies..

But if you take 60cr-70cr hindi speaking population, only 2cr ppl r watching for a blockbuster movie. That means 3-4% r watching.. Its a huge difference..
Though there are many hindi speaking states, yet they all dont feel the same for hindi language as telugu or tamilians feel..

by Location Manager (5k points)

Good answer

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Bollywood has two megastars who have potential and talent which can root for them all the classes of moviegoers,Aamir and Salman but Salman doesn't work with the directors of the highest caliber and Aamir Khan lacks volume.
Another one, the so called critics of Bollywood and fan wars (Sultan got 1000 plus rating of 1/10 out of 3000 at Imdb) ruin the collection of movies somewhat.
Shahrukh Khan has become a businessman and not a star nowadays, look at the villians of Bollywood through ages and all them are rich and powerful, and still masses at the street admires a hero, not a wealthy man,loses fans everyday.

by Second Unit Director (73.7k points)

dont know what willhappen after 3 khans , ppl will make movies only to impress critics


Yes, after Khans there's Hrithik with looks, action, dance, intensity of the eyes,in short, everything needed for a megastar but what is he thinking is not known and his is totally a waste of prospects

+2 votes

VISION - Grand Vision is what is lacking

Aamir should start a 4-5 movie episodic Maharbharata spread over 10 years and make it grander with each outing

Salman Khan needs to a mission impossible with his Tiger series or Dhoom 4 ..turn grey

I am waiting for Hrithik vs Tiger as that potentially is at-least on paper huge prospect for Hindi markets .... hope YRF puts some mind/logic in script .. Hrithik needs to up his game as he apart from the 2 can do it.

by Location Manager (5.1k points)

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