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+5 votes

My take- Karan johar ko sabak sikhana bhut jaruri hai kyunki rassi jal gayi par bal nhi gya 

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in Upcoming Releases by Assistant Director (46k points)
87% Accept Rate

Bichare akshay ne kya kiya hai? 150cr cross hogaye, ab vaaps 100cr pe le aaoge use


Ab karan johar ko kon smjhaye


The game is on Reshma.


Yup totally forgot about her

11 Answers

+2 votes


Soorya vs Insha
D3 Vs GN

Too much fun

by Camera Operator (9.7k points)

D3 Vs GN direct nhi hai yrr utna mja nhi aayega par Sooryavanshi vs Inshallah if it happens will be interesting

+2 votes

Karan johar knows that there is a risk in clashing brahmastra with Dabangg3 while Good News is a safe film and the previous date of Good news was worst as it was releasing 20 days after Mission mangal and 40 days before Housefull 4 means three Akshay Kumar films in 3 months which doesn't make sense.

by Assistant Director (43.3k points)

But Why Akshay's Good News Not Clashing With Salman? Clearly visible Fear Of Salman In The Opposition.


MM will work but not sure about HF4 or GN at all.


It's not clear that is Mission Mangal a full fledged Akshay Kumar film or an extended cameo, Housefull 4 will definitely work and Good news is a comedy which will work in A centers for sure.

+2 votes

Ranbir ko bacha ke Akki ki kurbaani dedi KJo ne.

by Assistant Director (52.2k points)

Akshay bhi star kid hota toh usse bhi pyaar dikhate hmare nepotism ke devta karan johar

+1 vote

Good news is one of those 30-40 cr cop wali akshay movie.. Sureshot super hit now would have struggled for 100 cr on previous date.

by Location Scout (4.5k points)

Why Akshay Not Clashing Directly With Salman? Why Akshay Not Releasing Good News On 20th Dec With Dabangg 3? Clearly visible The Fear Of Megastar Salman Khan. Same Thing Happen With Inshallah. If Inshallah Complete till eid 2020 than Sooryavanshi run away.


Why clash when there is no chance of winning.. A salman khan blockbuster franchise film will run over plex friendly 30-40 cr Cop wali movie any day.


Ok You accepted Salman's Khauff that Enough for me.


Ya unlike you I m not delusional and actually know how BO works.

+1 vote

Now Fan Wars Will Be At Peak On Social Media!

by Assistant Director (42.4k points)

Bhai direct clash nhi hai upar se good news koi bhut bdi budget ya universal film nhi lgg rhi so both films can do well


Bro anything but main thing is 100 cr par hit bhi ho gayi to bhi kya fayda. karan johar to good news ko dabangg 3 ke saath bhi la sakta tha par ek hafte delay kiya. saaf dikh raha hai salman ka khauff.


Tabhi toh direct clash nhi kia


GN could be gone for 50cr LT now. It's purely a plex movie and the theme is also based on surrogacy which isnt what you expect during the holiday season. Lag gye

+1 vote

Akshay fans must be abusing Kjo inside their minds.

First delayed 2.0 advance bookings due to his drama.
Second not giving that much attention to Kesari as his pet project's movies.
Choosing Sooryavanshi with Inshallah (although this one has merit).
Now this (Although this one is safe movie for Kjo, but not for Akki).

by Mega Star (215k points)

Akshay isn't a star kid na kjo will protect star kids till his last breathe

+1 vote

Bad news for Good News

by Second Unit Director (71.6k points)
+1 vote

Hahahahahaa. Ye kya hai? Salman ki bandook se nikli goli aur kjo ne akshay ko aage kar dia is baar

by Star (146k points)

Akshay jaye to jaye star kids ko toh khud ki jaan par khel ke bchayega kjo aur iss baar toh itne paise bhi lge hue hai


So track record for kjo in 2019:

Kalank: Disaster
Soty 2: Disaster
Good News: Disaster


Good news might just work i mean it looks like a content film plus the budget will also be very low

0 votes

Wrong choice for a December release .... the last of the star wars will also release in premium multiplexes ....

by Location Manager (5.1k points)

last of the series will attract some footfalls plus will take some space at premium multiplexes in metros atleast


Yeah but not that much plus good news already have a bigger trouble in Dabangg 3


Good news is a very NetFlix kinda romcom movie ...hugh grant and meg ryan types .... it should be a 14th feb release rather dec end ....


Karan johar faltu ka ego dikha rha hai his end is near

0 votes

Good News jaisi Film ko Dabangg 3 2nd Friday ko compete kraygi neck to neck likh k lelo screen shot lelo Good news ka lifetime utna hi hoga jitna Dabangg 3 2nd Friday se onward kraygi

by Production Accountant (25.8k points)
0 votes

Christmas ... can afford 2 movies.....

Hope both will do great business

by Assistant Director (49.2k points)

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