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in Upcoming Releases by Camera Operator (10.7k points)
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14 Answers

+5 votes

Hahahahahhahahahahaa. Yesssssss. This is called power. This is called dominance. This is called being king of the jungle where you dont give a damn about finest actor of his generation and his magnum opus. Solo release hogi ye.

Release Brahmastra on Netlfix. It will atleast be seen by a few people. In theaters, no chance.

by Star (154k points)
+5 votes

Go Salman. Karan johar ki aukat bata do. Facemaker ki aukat dikha do. Great going.

by Second Unit Director (78.9k points)
+5 votes

Yes yes yes bring it on
Megastar massss

by Assistant Director (48.8k points)
+4 votes

Omg Just Bring It On Maza Aa gaya

Game Over For Karan Johar Gang!

by Assistant Director (47.8k points)

Isey kente hain keh kar lena. Magnum opus director and finest actor once in a lifetime shocked to their core. Ab 27th ko aayenge to inhe screens kaun dega? .

So very soon we will have an offical press release saying due to extensive use of never seen before vfx and intense action sequences magnum opus is postponed to 2020.


This year no release for Ranbir Kapoor

+4 votes

What a Dabangg way to announce .... Jungle ka Raja Kaun "Salman Khan"

5 days main 200cr paar .... 31st tak 300cr paar

by Location Manager (5.1k points)
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+4 votes

by Editor (88.8k points)
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+4 votes

You see that?? That right there why he’s the king of the jungle.

He scared away Raees and many other movies by announcing his movie even when others had announced theirs. Domination.

Just do not back off from 2020 Eid clash. Show that snake woman wht you’re made of.

by Unit Manager (36.3k points)

Inshallah cannot be ready by Eid 2020. SLB takes very long time to make films. Also Salman has packed schedule for Dabang3 (shooting+post production+promotion) till Dec this year, he also has Big boss commitment (and maybe Dus ka Dum too), 2-3 Da-banggg visits to foreign countries, 2-3 Indian award show performances. Although badly want it on Eid 2020 but it looks very very difficult.


Its not as if SLB is making a BM esque movie bro.. Salman won't let him go overboard with budget. And going by Salman's speed in the past, we can expect this from him.

Just the movie needs to be grand and have some action.


If he completes Dabang3 shooting within August and immediately start shooting for Inshallah also avoid those Da-banggg tours and award show performances then he can easily bring Inshallah on Eid. Let's hope for the best.

+4 votes

Two majorhits in 2019 to take revenge for 2018, great news

by Second Unit Director (79.5k points)
+4 votes

Chulbul Pandey is back and the fun begins on Dec 20th, 2019 with Salman Khan ending this decade with a Blockbuster.

by Production Accountant (26.8k points)
+4 votes

That's Called MegaStardom. Both The Biggest Festival Of This Country Eid And Xmas Taken By Him.

Brahmastra Run Away Faster Than Boult.

by Unit Manager (36.7k points)
+3 votes

Hahaha..johar ki aisi ki tesi

by Production Designer (13.7k points)
+3 votes

Jungle mein Rehna hai toh Sher se Dushmani nahi karni chahiye.....

by Location Manager (6.5k points)
–3 votes

Tbh no grudges with Salman. But I want Brahmastra to release solo on 21st December. It's not a usual ordinary movie. For the first time someone is trying something new which might take Indian Cinema to next level and might encourage and inspire other directors and producers to make a movie on such grand scale. Dabangg 3 kinda movies are made each month. There's nothing new to offer. Same old massy entry, Hero wins, villain lose story. Don't think as a fan, think as a neutral. Not good at all.

by Camera Operator (10.9k points)

So they should come on 21st if they have the guts who is stopping them everybody is free to release there movie whenever they want


Yeah well Bombay Velvet

–6 votes

Bharat Safe, And That Makes Ghajini Safer.

by Production Accountant (27.4k points)

Bhai Tu Mujhe Amir Fan Nhi Lagta
Tu Amir Ke Bhes Me Koi Canadian Hai


It Doesn't Matter What You Think Buddy, So Keep On Thinking.


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