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I also think the same. Inshallah is releasing on Diwali most probably.


Tiger, that would set up a clash with Aamir's laal Singh chaddha. Dont think RS would do that. Xmas or new years weekend is an option.


I don't think Inshallah will be ready by Eid 2020. We all SLB takes time to make films. Also Salman has packed schedule for Dabang3 till Dec this year, he also has Big boss commitment (and maybe Dus ka Dum too), 2-3 Da-banggg visits to foreign countries, 2-3 Indian award show performances. It's not like that Salman won't clash with his friends film... Arre jab Srk ko nhi baqsha (Raees), kjo ko nhi baqsha (Brahmastra) fir Akki koun si khet ki mooli hai! The main issue is film won't be ready for Eid release.

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Why is she saying this in public. Wait and see how things work out. Salman himself said it'll release in Eid, that too in a way which was kinda warning others to back off. The only reason I can see of it postponing is the movie not completing in time.

by Assistant Director (56.2k points)
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I still think everything depends on bharat remember how rohit said eid abhi dur hai tab ki tab dkhenge
If bharat and dabnagg 3 become blockbuster then i think rohit and akshay won't clash otherwise they will go for it


Yes Bharat's performance will be important in this case, but even if it doesn't perform well, clashing with Salman (especially when he has SLB and Alia with him) would be tough.


Most importantly about the how the director & actor are in sync with each other. SLB has his own pace & he is someone who demands complete freedom. Infact that is how he has worked all his career even with Salman Khan. Infact after Sooraj Barjatya (except PRDP), it is SLB with whom Salman Khan surrendered entirely as an actor, stripping his superstar image.

And even in HDDCS, Salman Khan wanted a different ending where Aishwarya will choose the lover over husband but SLB put his foot down. Salman wanted to make a stand but SLB chose Indian culture & sensibilities. Salman obliged. Be it Srk or Big B or Ranbir or Hrithik or Ranveer, basically all have completely surrendered themselves to SLB the director/filmmaker.

So, I don't see Salman Khan pushing SLB to complete the film on a deadline i.e. EID. Eventually Salman will give SLB the space he needs. And we all know Salman has excelled with his performances when he has surrendered to the director (sole exception of Dabangg & Wanted films.)

+6 votes

Oh please Salman release that movie on eid only.. and throw this snake of a woman outta your life

by Unit Manager (36.3k points)

Hahaha are bhai bhai bhai

+4 votes

Why did they announce their movie on the date which was made by Salman Khan himself.
When Bharat and Dabangg 3 become Blockbusters , the blockades to Salman's journey will become all clear

by Second Unit Director (79.5k points)

Yup if bharat and dabangg 3 becomes blockbuster they will back off


blockbuster or no ... they will still back off ... Salman khan naam hi kaafi hain

+4 votes

Why she's asking salman to back off? Salman made that date and you too.
Salman shouldn't postpone inshallah unless it doesn't finishes on time though sooryavanshi is a hotter project, Eid is on Sunday but watching Salman movie has become a routine.
Salman shouldn't listen to this opportunist, kjo toh yun hi badnaam hai asli saanp toh ye hai.
How's your relation going on with Vicky?

by Assistant Director (46k points)

Vicky Ke Saath Relationship?
Well How Bad Is That For Someone Like Katrina


from making out with Hrithik Roshan to Someone like Vicky
She has seen it all
Isiliye mujhe gussa aata hai koi bolta hai toh salman ko kat se shadi kar lena chahiye
Kisi ko dosh bhi nahi de sakte bhai sab same hai industry mein
Koi dud ka dhula nahi


Hahah Katrina Shaadi Material Nahi Hai Baaki Industry Mei Sab Aise Hi Hain

Lekin Katrina Ka Standard Itna Neeche Chala Gaya Woh Dekh Ke Dukh Ho Raha Hai She Is Among Most Good Looking Actress Of All Time And All Time Top 10 Mei Rahegi In Ranking For Actress!


Katrina is a such a selfish person. Salman has literally given her everything she has today. Went to Ranbir and came back to piggybank on Salman to save her flop career.

+3 votes

When Salman didn't back off against Srk then who is this Akshay, Rohit & Katrina ..
Clash will be averted in 2 cases ..
1. Inshallah did't ready by Eid or
2. Sooryavanshi moving to another date ...
There will be no 3rd reason ...
So Kat wait & watch ..
Salman ne bahut sympathy dikhadi tumhe ab aur nahi ...

by Editor (88.8k points)

Shes the most opportunistic woman ever.

+2 votes

If movie manages to be ready then EID release then Salman will show his support for Sooryavanshi , make a tweet or 2, or a nice pic with AK and RS but basically kick their ***.

But knowing Sanjay Leela Bhansali - all the below will also happen

Movie will go overbudget
There will be re-shootings
There will be protests
There will be a fire on the sets
Fight with Salman Khan

Eventually movie will release on Christmas and others will go away.

by Location Manager (5.1k points)
+2 votes

I don't know why salman still favour such a woman...shame on him

by Production Designer (13.7k points)

Shame on her, taking advantage of salman's weakness


Its shame on him and kudos for her

+2 votes

That's literally begging.

by Star (154k points)
+1 vote

Katrina Is One Of The Biggest Opportunist Industry Has Ever Seen

Maanta Hun Give And Take Ka System Chalta Hai Industry Mei Lekin Isne Dene Se Kai Jyada Liya Hai Salman Se!

by Assistant Director (47.8k points)
+1 vote

I think RS, KJO and Akshay took Katrina in Sooryavanshi to trap Salman. RS had told the media earlier that they'll think about it at the time the films are closer to release. Now they've already put Katrina in a spot to ask Salman to move his film.

I don't blame Katrina for this, I don't think she saw this coming.

by Set Decorator (1.3k points)
0 votes

SLB can not make it on time.

by Location Scout (4.8k points)

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