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Total Till Sunday: $3.80M

2nd Monday - 2nd Thursday: $5.32M 

Total Till Now: $35.48M


Will Pass Bajrangi Bhaijaan by Next Monday to become #3 highest Grossing Indian movie in China!

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Great hold andhadhun is a real winner in China for Bollywood after some disappointing films.

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Go Andhadhun to reach 50 ml

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BIG WINNER at the box office. Miracles can happen anytime but only if you believe. Filmmaker of that film believed in me.
This forum also can go top if you people believe in me.

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Make me rich god. please.............


Beta, What you are today is because of your thoughts and what you will become tomorrow is also depends on your thoughts.

Okay, son. I will make your wish to happen now.
Daily have thoughts of becoming rich and avoid hate towards others. Avoid arguments. I will make you rich.

When I came as Aamir Khan, you have FALLEN in LOVE with me. That leads to ILLUSION.
But now I come without any form. Now I will make you RAISE in LOVE with me. Don't see the forms, realize the SOURCE.

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Power of great content on display here.

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