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+2 votes
ago in Box Office Discussions by Location Scout (4.4k points)
4% Accept Rate

Srk as Gaurav simply excelled. One of the best indeed.
Srk as Aryan was about alright due to the faulty writing.

Overall the first half was simply terrific. Second half was plain terrible. Infact second half is the sole reason for this film to end up as a forgettable affair.

Also have to repeat, the first half was better than most of the films released this decade so far. This explains why it is okay to be furious on second half.

7 Answers

+1 vote

Movie: Missed chance
Performance: Exemplary. Give a meaty role and SRK excels in it. I
One of his very good performances in this decade.

ago by Director (135k points)

Someone has an issue with this answer too...................downvote..........

+1 vote

Awesome performance.... Excellent first half. 2nd half big let down... Superb climax.
As SRKians... I like the film.... Very much.

ago by Executive Producer (64.9k points)
0 votes

Highly Praised Movie Collected Just 84 cr Lifetime. That's Called True Stardom.

ago by Production Accountant (26.2k points)

Stardom has nothing to do with fan's failure. The opening showed the stardom. The content was niche/off beat.

0 votes

So called best movie collected just 80cr..aukaat

ago by Camera Operator (12k points)
–1 vote

The FAN SRK was very good until the first half only. The story was unrelatable after the first half, and the celebrity SRK was playing himself, that's not at all called acting. The thrill had to be something else not a FAN trying to take place of the superstar.

First half FAN SRK's acting - 5 stars
First half movie - 5 stars
2nd half movie - 0 stars
If the movie is so bad in second half, why would anyone remember performances there!

ago by Location Manager (7.8k points)
–1 vote

But neither the film nor the performance could bring audience in theaters to make the movie even a below average

ago by Executive Producer (62.4k points)

Comparing srk in fan with salman in tubelight is like md and peon tubelight is disaster film fan incurred minimal loss but tubelight was a colossal disaster what bad film


I doubt every other bhakt are also as illogical and falsify facts like you

–3 votes

I didn't like the movie. Don't know exactly why but I just didn't.

I will say though that it was a true risk by SRK and deserved to be rewarded. It says something about the audience that the 2 answers here are only mocking the movie on collections and that Fan was SRK's first flop after many mediocre masala movies emerged successful.

I would rather have a movie like Fan, which is truly experimental, than something like JHMS or Zero.

Anyway, good on SRK for trying something different and hopefully he'll see some real success soon.

ago by Assistant Director (47.8k points)

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