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+4 votes
So as we know that for all Bollywood fans who does not understand Hollywood movies but pretend to like them because they want to sound cool & for those who did not understand Hollywood movies & don't pretend even, Aamir became a sasta, not no sundar & definately not tikau version of Captain Jack Sparrow add he became Firangi Nalla, oops, i meant Firangi Mallah in epic Thugs Of Hindostan, Haiyaa Haiyaa, Haiyaa..!!

Now after don't that he's doing it again as he tries to be yet another Sasta, Sundar & Tiiau version of Tom Hanks's character in Forest Gump. Maybe this time it'll end up better than his previous attempt.

So the question is, what's next? Which is the franchise or movie that Aamir should target? According to our sources, Aamir had already found a script worthy of his stature, both literally & figuratively.

According to sources, the movie will be remake of Hollywood movie Gulliver's Travels, based on the book of same name. What's more interesting is that he's not going to be playing the role of Gulliver, but the villainous general of Lilliput Island. Sources say they this is because he wasn't too try something which is both new for him and also natural for him. The actor is searching for someone who will play role Gulliver and then the announcement will be made.

So we are very excited for this movie, how about you? Will you like to see Aamir Khan in a never see before avatar? Shout out the answers & comments.
in Cinematic Discussion by Mega Star (214k points)
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Sorry had to talk the language you would understand ... no offence


None taken, i know you don't have anything to say so you resort to this, afterall double standards getting excited have that effect of people


Mr Moderator "Clearly I am no match to your level of ignorance, cheapness and stupid retorts.
I bow out" ...


Your earlier comment showed about stupid retorts

7 Answers

+2 votes
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I still remember Aamir Said, "You will forget Jack Sparrow after Watching Thugs" omg LMAO. We indeed forget Johnny's Jack Sparrow because it can't be compared with ultra cheap Aamir Firangi. Now he thought that after making a mockery of POTC, now let's ruin Forrest Gump.

Sad but true.

by Camera Operator (8.9k points)
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+2 votes

sad aamir i thought you were different but now only focusing on remakes

by Location Manager (6k points)
+1 vote

Only a person who knows how small he is and how incapable he is of doing anything worthwhile , will try to belittle the achievements of All time great of Indian cinema ... And I am not even a huge fan of Aamir but an admirer of his craft and genius

by Location Manager (5.1k points)

Wah, kya vichaar hain, adbhut, akalpaniya, avishvasniya. Yeh baat agar doosre stars ke baare me bolte to log bhala manus samajhte. But picking and choosing according to your preferences, well that's called being Hypocrite lol..

+1 vote

As long as he doesnt sign incompetent fools like victor to direct him all is well from my side. Forest gump is not a good idea at all since it's a classic but I'm hopeful. Aamir must have learnt a hard lesson after TOH

by Star (143k points)

Intense why you not close it. At that time toh release sasta jack sparrow and tom hanks par bahut dissucession ho chuka. Waah kya baisness hai.

+1 vote

Still Aamir Khan's Lagaan is the only bollywood movie nominated for Oscar since 1990, and Dangal collected 5× of highest worldwide grosser of.......

by Executive Producer (69.1k points)
0 votes

Still better than cheap Appu raja!...................

by Second Unit Director (77.5k points)

c'mon man, I know Aamir is short but don't call him cheap Appu Raja!


I never mentioned anyone's name. It can be christmas 80cr wala too.... lol yes 80cr in christmas. Less than grand masti

0 votes

He will take retirement after his next film

by Location Manager (6.4k points)

Jab 15 Flops/Disaster Dene Ke Baad Besharmon Ki Tarha Sunny Deol Retirement Nahi Le Raha Toh Atbb Khan Jo Ki Industry Hit Machine Hai Woh Eak Flop Ke Baad Kahan Retirement Lega, He Will Continue To Act Till The Time You Start Walking With Help Of Stick!