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+1 vote
in Box Office Discussions by Location Manager (6.6k points)
10% Accept Rate

11 Answers

+5 votes

Salman Khan is said to be a megastar because die haters like you cannot even live without his name like us die hard fans

by Second Unit Director (71.5k points)
+4 votes

None ..
Only this movie will do ...

by Editor (86.7k points)
+4 votes

If Bharat releases on Eid then Bharat will easily beat Avengers even can cross 50cr, but if it's a Nonholiday release then Avengers will take the lead because irrespective of holiday/Nonholiday End game will open at 90% but Bharat will open to 50-60% on Nonholiday.
Weekend depends upon reports of Bharat.

by Unit Manager (35.3k points)

Bharat release on 5 jun and Eid on 5 june in india almost 90% chance and be positive i hope bharat break all records.


Is not 5th june there is 1st India cricket match? It will affect very much.


India's first match is on June 6.


@Intense first match on 5 june search on google and cricbuzz.

+2 votes

by Star (146k points)

Prabhu Deva ?


Lol, no idea bro. Just found the gif funny.

+2 votes

Weekend Of Both The Films Will Be More Than Maha Gareeb Star Shahrukh's Last 2 Film's Lifetime!

by Assistant Director (42.3k points)

@Rancho aaj jamkar Shahrukh fans ko pel rahe ho kya baat ho gayi??


Bhai Yeh Bhikmange Shahrukh Fans Nei Dimaag Kharab Kar Diya Pehle Mai Sharafat Se Box Office Records Ki Baat Kar Raha Tha Par Shahrukh Uss Maamle Mei Kamjor Hain Toh Uske Fans Ki Bolti Band Ho Gayi Aur Bakchodi Karne Lage, Inn Logon Ko Sharafat Ki Aadat Nahi Pehle Toh Faltu Bakchodi Karne Lage Popcorn Sale Car Parking Ke Naam Pe Uske Baad Ghanta Aur Pel Dena Jaise Abusive Words Use Karne Lage Bas Mera Dimaag Satak Gaya Ab Bhaad Mei Jaaye Stats Aur Facts Ab Mai Aise Hi Maarunga Inki


Kyun Rancho bhai. Aamir itna boring aur irrelevant hai ke iss post pe SRK ke baare main baat kar rahe ho?

+1 vote

Aamir gave 50cr opening with a disastrous film like Thugs and 30cr opening during cash crunch. BIggest crowd puller in India and overseas........

by Second Unit Director (77.6k points)

TOH became a disaster after the 1st day and not highest opener despite being disaster ... Aamir is 2nd to Salman as far as openings go ...

+1 vote

close contest .............

by Location Manager (5.9k points)
+1 vote

Let me guess, you want to compare a non holiday release which will release on 2000 screens which will have to share some of its space with Kalank releasing 9 days before too a festival release releasing on 4500-5000 screens?

by Mega Star (215k points)
+1 vote

Wish I could say Salman but given the likely big release of Avenger End game and highest ATP even it will open 40cr +..... movie is a sure shot 300cr+ as well ....

by Location Manager (5.1k points)
0 votes

I think Bharat might be restricted due to world cup. Trailer will give better idea of it's potential.

by Assistant Director (52.1k points)
0 votes

Avengers will do more....due to brand value...

But Bharat will also do excellent weekend

by Assistant Director (49.2k points)

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