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asked in Old by Star (150k points)
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Pakistan has started to make very bad, illogical films and Bollywood got far bigger, Khans, and many of it's Superstars, big stars, just stars, became very popular, so releasing a Bollywood film in Pakistan won't be a problem, but Pakistani actors, who are awesome like Shaan, are much underrated, and most probably releasing Pakistani films in India is just a call for loss.

Nowadays, a good and bigger Pakistani films are of equal or even better than Bollywood big films. While Waar's standard seemed ahead of most of Bollywood films.

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I think it may be because of lack of superstars that Pakistani industry had. They don't have mega stars like Khans of India by whoms name a film can be promoted. This means they had lack of mediums that can create buzz, hype and give a good quality release to their movies. Their some movie are no doubt excellent in content but their appriciation is restricted to a small group of people like we only, who tend to search quality movies, not to wait for content to come to use. Moreover, film industry in Pakistan is in growing stage, if they keep on making movies like Waar and Bol then I am sure that one day will come when exibitors from India will themselves request the producers of any big Pakistani movie to release their movie in India too.

answered by Production Accountant (23.5k points)
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You and others have almost said the same thing, but you have said it in the best way in my opinion, hehe.

I read the question and this was the 1st thing that came in my mind so wrote about it.
By the way thanks for the encouragement.

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bol and khuda ke liye were released.pakistani should release because now pakistani industry is making good films.main hoon shahid afridi will release very soon.i feel mahesh bhatt will sponsor it.zinda bhag will also release as naserudin shah is playing a lead.if fear waar might not release

answered by Second Unit Director (70.3k points)

acha.....!!..thik hai..phir bhi dekhunga ..kyunki I am a gr8 an of BOOM BOOM AFRIDI..

this film is not about afridi.but about a fan of afridi.and afridi only has cameo of 2 minutes

Haider bhai.........I know that..!!

It's not even about a fan of Afridi, that character is important, but the main plot isn't about him.

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Pakistani film's dnt has dat much budget 2 release it in India...& if u r talking abt Waar,den its maybe bcoz the 'Waar' is against India...

answered by Director (133k points)

Pakistani films don't have that budget? LOL! Budget to increase ho jaayega, par dekhne kam log aayeinge.

waar had budget of 17 crores.

I m talking about film's other dan waar...

mhsa had budget of 10 crores,while bol was of 4 crore,khuda ke liye of 6 crores.these are high seeing pakistani industry

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India movies are more entertaining than pakistani Films,Even pak people like indian dramas more pakistani(i guess,since my gf is from Pak and she loves Indian serials very much) And also may be due to financial issues

answered by Production Accountant (25.5k points)

Heheehe...I was not able to make eye contact with her ..she was wearing shorts and tight t shirt.....

hahahahh.............bhai tu bohat he zyada tharki type h i guess.....har waqt isi type k baat hoti h teray paas

I am horny shayar..hehehehe... sometimes hungry shayar....insaan ki nafsiyaati zarooriyaat hai bhai....kya kar sakte hai?????

haha...............yeh bhi thek h

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It has to do with only fan base, bwood movies possess a certain high level fan followin there in pakistan.. Indian stars are very much knwn there whereas lollywood is like alien to our societies.. So releasin a project which you knw is goin to flop in indian in anyway is prohibited by the makers.. They knw preparing as low as 50 prints costs around 5 to 10 lacs and this much amount they might not get under dist share..

answered by Assistant Director (55.9k points)
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There is no audience for pak movies in india.who wld watch inferior products when they can watch superior.

answered by Camera Operator (8.3k points)

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