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#Andhadhun China Box Office 

Day 1: $1.06M 

Day 2: $1.76M

 Day 3: $3.4M

 Day 4: $4.03M

 Day 5: $3.28M

 5 Day Extended Weekend Cume: $13.8M


Fri-Sun 3D Opening Weekend for #Andhadhun in China is $10.71M.

 Comparison with few other Indian flicks (Opening Wknd) : 

#Thugs: $4.75M

#Padman: $5.23M

#BajrangiMonkey: $8.5M

#Dangal: $11.30M

#SecretSuperstar: $27.2M

 Andhadhun has fared really well. Let's hope for good legs!

Source Link: https://twitter.com/GoodBadOfficial
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