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Just when we thought the days of epic clashes in Bollywood have taken a back seat, just when we thought the makers and producers have finally gotten more possessive with their products, we hear the biggest clash of 2020. While the audience were already aware (and eagerly waiting, if we may add) of Rohit Shetty and Akshay Kumar’s Sooryavanshi releasing next year on Eid, Salman Khan’s collaboration with Sanjay Leela Bhansali – Inshallah gave the audience their much-deserved surprise. What tosses the joy away is the fact that the two films will be clashing the box office on the same day.

Giving the Indian cinema the third highest grosser of the year in 2018, Rohit Shetty already gave a sneak into his next cop-drama starring one of the most loved actors. With the audience already rooting, hooting, howling and whistling for his last venture, Shetty already has an established set of audience for his upcoming flick. On the other hand, ‘Bhai’ collaborating with SLB after 20 years and coming on Eid comes as a cherry on the cake for the audience. However, the two films clashing unnecessarily adds the sour taste to the dish.

Here's Why Akshay Kumar's Sooryavanshi Will Have An Edge Over Salman Khan's Inshallah, If They Clash!

Here’s Why Akshay Kumar’s Sooryavanshi Will Have An Edge Over Salman Khan’s Inshallah If They Clash!

Although we do trust Alia’a taste of choosing scripts, from where we look, the movie has satisfactory chances on winning over a Rohit Shetty’s cop world. If you ask the regular moviegoers, they would surely incline towards the special cameos of Ranveer Singh and Ajay Devgn, the ‘seeti-maar’ action sequences and massy music over Bhansali’s modern-day love saga. Bhansali’s forte at love-sagas started from his debut Khamoshi: The Musical and since then, this guy has been exploring love with grandeur in each of his films. Well, the bigger question here is if we are ready to witness Salman as another lover boy when we strongly know him doing anything but a larger-than-life hero is a big NO for his fans.
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The only reason why Sooryavanshi will have edge over Inshallah is it's genre, straight & simple.

SLB has already said that this will be a contemporary love story, likes of which he hasn't done for long & something different for Salman, now if reports Salman agreeing to do this movie by just reading half a script and just to do a movie with SLB, this go bad, real bad.

Whereas Sooryavanshi has Rohit Shetty as director and it will be attached to do called Cinematic Universe of his movies, and surely there will be a cameo of Ajay Devgan as Singham in it.

Sooryavanshi has an edge, but Inshallah has Salman Khan, but again, it's just not sounding right, although i think clash won't happen and that Sooryavanshi will postpone, it'll still be having better prospects at Box Office than Inshallah.

by Mega Star (216k points)
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+5 votes

The same was said about PRDP's genre but no Akshay Kumar movie has as much footfalls as the outdated movie.

by Second Unit Director (74.8k points)
+2 votes
  1. Clash Not Happened.

  2. Inshallah Solo Release On EID 2020.

  3. Akshay Kumar Sooryavanshi Postpone Or Prepone On That Date.

  4. Every Body Know's Akshay Kumar Highest Grosser 132 Cr In Any Case So Akshay Run Away That Date.

by Unit Manager (31.8k points)

Bola Tha Na Clash Not Happened........

+2 votes

Well they have the better genre there is no doubt there but we have Salman he alone is bigger than whole of them but this ptoject is risky and i don't want him to do it

by Assistant Director (47.5k points)
+2 votes

Crossing magical 133cr is not called edge over inshallah.. Salmans flop also does 170cr at box office with extreme negative wom.. Here its Slb love story with salman.. only hated n worried thing is salman alia paring wch wil definetly bunch of troll material.. if it was deepika or any other actress paring then there was no talking of clash existence even after 100 announcement in future....

So Edge over inshallah is only bcoz of Salman alia paring that too on love story.... all i want is like intense love story like sawariya instead of kuchi ku love story of modern people..

by Unit Manager (32.5k points)
+2 votes

Making an article doesnt change the fact. For some fans who claim akshay comes on non holiday, well edx release is something to be earned. SRK got a solo xmas release despite so many failures Salman has two Eid failures yet he will command solo holiday releases till he wants, Aamir comes once in 2 years, yet commands a solo outing with none wanting a clash, there was and there isnt quite anyone like the Khans..

by Star (150k points)
+1 vote

Akshay Kumar right now ...


by Editor (87.1k points)

Akshay was greater than supporting actor in last decade and till 1997 film will be disaster salman romancing alia


Tau high on weed energy

–6 votes

SOORYAVANSHI Will Win Clash Only Bcoz it's ACTION/MASALA movie... whereas SLB can win only clash if it's WOM is EXCELLENT.

by Camera Operator (8.7k points)

Well,tbh I would have liked slb to make an epic saga than a love story. Opening will be won by Salman very easily. Lifetime depends
...counting on bhansali to showcase Salman the way his fans want to.


I hope clash happen and you come put of your illusion


Sure and I wish a big bang collision happens again and you come out of 1990 as well.