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Last sortie of below average actress to get award winning movie in her pathetic acting career.

Generally glam doll actress go for Prostitute, Abused Wife or oppressed women roles.

But here Deepika got a acid attack victim....1st look credit goes to Aesthetic makeup guys.

And finally i comfortable to watch direct Documentary of those Acid attack victims...Rather than a movie of attention seeking actress desperate last attempt for award.


Nah. If shes below average, then who is a good actress?

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Damn..that's a good one. Very real. So a clash on 10th Jan then.

answered by Super-star (173k points)
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I was surprised by this. Looks very realistic.

But why are they going with this date? 26th Jan is right there.

answered by Executive Producer (66.8k points)
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Lol 1 day after ajay announced the same date.. Koi izzat hi nahi hai..
Great first look but don't think I can watch this.

answered by Location Scout (4.5k points)

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