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Konsi 2 hits??


Sonakshi Sinha will be seen in Kalank, Mission Mangal & Dabangg 3. You pick the hits.


Kalank - flop
Mission Mangal - Can't Say
Dabangg 3 - Blockbuster


27th dec - Bhai ka birthday and bhai ki film. Maza aa gaya festival....

12 Answers

+5 votes

Bring It On, KJO And Gang Must Be Taught A Lesson!

by Unit Manager (33.2k points)
+3 votes

So Dabangg 3 Coming on 27th Dec This year and 27th dec Salman Khan's Birthday. Get ready to Roar and another blockbuster at the box office. Is baar to Xmas bhi nahi hai phir bhi kuch logo ko bhagna padega aur nahi bhi bhagenge to disaster to denge hi. Dabangg 3 on 27 th dec that means first week full of holidays. Megastar for the reason.

by Production Accountant (24.4k points)
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No 27th dec salman's birthday and 21th dec sat so salman release it on 27th dec which is fri and 27-29 weekend and 31th and 1st (holiday) so full week benefited.


@Ajay, I want a clash. Clash men jo brahmastra ka haal hoga I want to see that. Getting screens with Salman Khan on board will be a huge task for Kjo.


Bro baat to sahi hai lekin dabangg ke director prabhu deva ne aaj kaha hai ki movie salman's birthday par aayegi jo ki 27th dec ko hai. Aur brahmastra to waise bhi flop hoga.
@intense why you hidden prime minister poll??


Ajay, this is a movie forum. All users are advised to focus only on movies and no political comments. We do not want unnecessary aggression, taunting etc on the basis of any political figure or party.

+2 votes

So brahmastra won't be Hgoty as D3 will release a weak later.

by Location Scout (3.9k points)
+2 votes

Finally got a news to rejoice.. Dabangg3 should come on 21 dec..

by Camera Operator (11.6k points)

No its come on 27th dec aacording to prabhu deva.

+2 votes

Block buster likh k le lo

by Set Designer (2k points)
+2 votes

Bring it on! ..


by Editor (83.3k points)
+1 vote

Nice. So he's all set for a great year with Bharat and Dabangg 3.

I'm sure after all the criticism Dabangg 2 got, they'll make to sure no repeat the mistakes with this one.

One thing I'm hoping for is that this movie is a direct sequel to Dabangg 2 and continues all storylines, instead of acting as a spin-off.

by Assistant Director (46.6k points)
+1 vote

Really happy with the news, come what may.

by Executive Producer (60.1k points)
+1 vote

So the iconic chulbul pandey will finish the decade in style

by Assistant Director (40.9k points)
+1 vote

Salman + uniform+ mass entertainer = I'm sold

Chulbul pandey is father of all these gareeb looking hawaldars. He's phenomenon. Nobody can match chulbul's comic timing nor dialogue bazi.just keep the content right and they will easily get huge chunks

Chulbul pandey is massiest

by Set Decorator (1.6k points)
0 votes

Ye baat. Now ranbir Kapoor seriously needs a brahmastra to save himself.

by Director (133k points)
0 votes

Bhai on the way to become second Akshay Kumar of the industry. (Movie Volume)

by Location Manager (5.8k points)