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No matter how much you watch Titanic always sinks, Bombay Velvet also sank in the same manner.
How true !

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Never were such true words spoken.

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Only Sanju works at the box office that's because of baba's biopic otherwise everybody knows that what is the condition of Ranbir kapoor before that.

Don't worry after brahmastra again he is repeat same phase again and again and brahmastra repeat bombay velvet again.

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Uff apart from being the best actor and biggest megastar of all time he can predict things so perfectly did we ever had such a talent like everrr

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he is getting peak success that time....

but backfired

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Aisa socha tha sabne even i thought this
Kya se kya ho gaya

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How did you even thought a anurag kashyap film becoming bb


Kyuki uski sab films low budget hoti thi and is bar 100+ cr budget plus rk bhi tha us time pe he was undisputed no.1 in youth
Media b itna hype diya
Isi liye laga bb hogi


Kya hai ki 1-2 hit ke baad media ka kisi bhi star ko superstar kahna koi nayi baat nahi hai.


Bhai phli line main hi jawab hai uski sari films low budget hoti thi fir bhi hit nahi hoti thi fir aise director ko 100cr ka budget dene blunder hi tha

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An Anurag Kashyap movie doing 100 crores is a dream, BOI says it right at times; they should have planned it under 10 crores budget, with Ranbir and Anushka taking no pennies etc; and then it was a hit, lol...

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With Brahmastra & Shamshera in Hands, Ranbir going to be at top in upcoming years. Take my word. Brahmastra will be a huge blockbuster. Anyway do anyone remember when Varunardo Dicaprio compared Dilwale with Inception

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Don't worry Brahmastra, Shamshera And Kalank All 3 Flops even one or two Disaster At The Box Office Also. Don't Say Its Not Possible Because If Thugs Of Hindostan Flop At The Box Office Than Anything Possible. And I Take Thugs Of Hindostan Example Here Because Its Also a Historical Movie.


But Thugs director was Vijay Acharya and Brahmastra Director is Ayan mukherji which is 1000 times better than Vijay. Ayan also directed YJHD and we all know the result. I doubt Kalank but Shamshera & Brahmastra looks legit blockbusters/Superhits.


Yes thugs director was dhoom 3 director which is bigger hit than yjhd.

Kuch logo ko ye galat fahmi ho jati hai ek movie hit de de to wo acha director aur dusri kharab dete hi gali dena suru.

Tension na lo teeno nahi chalegi. Tum bhi forum par ho aur main bhi. So don't worry and wait and watch.


Ranbhoomi (Varun) Bhi Isi List Mei Add Karlo Ajay, Jab TOH Jaisi Film Having Biggest Budget And Starcast Nahi Chali Phir Toh Kisi Bhi Film Ke Chalne Ki Gurantee Nahi Hai!