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Salman Khan Made Greatest Comeback Of All Time With Reshma Shetty And Hit Peak Of Megastardom, But After She Left Things Have Been Shaky, Contary To That Akshay After Hiring Her Hit His Peak Of Superstardom And Is Not Just Getting Huge Projects But Also His Image Is Shinning Like Never Before Be It On Box Office India Site Or Social Media In General!
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I dont think any top league actor would do the role Akki has done.

You really think Salman, Amir, SRK would have done that role? If Shankar had come to Akki with a lead role then this would have been a valid point.


Aamir Was Offered Rajinikanth's Role In The Same Film This Sums It Up


And Aamir denied the role.. so there you go

so much for the dream of working with Shankar


That PR talk will go on. Shankar has never stopped from saying how he came this close to cast Arnold. The creative differences will always creep in. Contrary to what fans say, bollywood is not equal to just their respective favorite. Actor irrespective of star or superstar is always just an employee working for someone for salary.

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I don't think akshay has hit peak of his superstardom ffs he is yet to cross 132cr on his won but yeah he is now doing big films like kesari sooryvanshi so yup reshma shetty has helped him in upping the game

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Bhai Akshay Ke Liye Yahi Peak Hai!



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What kinda of peak is this? Merely small Hits of 100cr net and is this peak of Superstardom ? And 2nd thing Salman given a chance to reshma in 2007 but Salman come back happened in 2010 with his own home production movie Dabangg , if Reshma was that lucky then Salman would not have given flops in 2007,2008 and 2009 ,it was solely Salman khans hard work and dedication and on top of that Never seen before seriousness towards his work made him what he is today , if Reshma was that force than y akki still struggling to cross 130cr and we all know he is giving only small hits of 100cr which not that Good result at all

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Hmm Yes No Doubt Actors Are Biggest Reason Behind Their Success But External Factors Like Reshma Factor Is Also There To An Extent, Baaki Akshay Ke Liye Yahi Peak Hai!


yahi to problem hai tumlogon ki.....salman has given flop in 2007, 8 , 9 which he has signed earlier before reshma joine him.... ek din me movie banti hai kya..

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One of the factors.
Looks like there are some other forces as well behind this turn around Iykwim.

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Yes Negativity Around Khans, Akshay Emerging As Biggest Deshbhakt Is Also A Major Factor!

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chote chote 100 cr grosser dena Akki ke liye peak hai

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Are Bhai Atbb Atg Blockbuster Hgoty Se Kam Mei Nahi Manoge Kya


Bhai hum khans ke fan hai

ATG, ATBB, HGOTY ke bina agar koi peak kar raha hai toh usko peak nahi bolne denge


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Akshay ..is evergreen...star....

Doesn't need anyone...

He changed timely

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Yeah she is.

First she saved Salman (and his record has gone down considerably since she was fired), and then she gave a big boost to Akki right when it seemed like his career was on its last leg.

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Saved salman if she is so good in saving people ask SRK to hire her to save him


what? SRK kahan se aagaya beech main?


You are literally saying that she saved salman's career so if she is so good in saving career than won't SRK hire her and save his
Its just your blind hatred for salman talking yes she had a great part in salman's turn around this decade but to say she has saved salman as if she is some god


Koi blind hatred nahi hai bhai. I didn't say that Salman had no part in his career revival. But fact hai ke Reshma had a huge part in it too. And since she left look at Salman's output. Tubelight, TZH and Race 3. Ab khud hu batao zara would TB and Race 3 have happened if Reshma was there.

Btw I would love it if SRK hired Reshma. She clearly knows how to make the right choices and how to guide someone. She is also Alia's agent I think and look where she is today.

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