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in Upcoming Releases by Camera Operator (8.8k points)
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Even AKSHAY was Not Bigger in 90s But still won Clash Against 90s Biggest Megastar Salman Bhai
Even in 2000s Akshay also not a Biggest star but Still BLUE OPENING = MAMK Lifetime


First clash not happening wait till eid.


Yes if salman not coming if salman coming than this movie release solo but another date.


Akshay Kumar Is At His Peak, He Is Already In Top 15, Can Even Be In Top 10 Till Retirement!

22 Answers

+4 votes

Lol, we have seen such release dates before too. Let the time come. This movie will shift too.

by Star (150k points)

@intense ,bro there is nothing like letting go Salman might havedabangg3 on Xmas and his next might be a film with SLB which will take some time so there is a chance that he won't have a film ready for Eid 2020 and agree that Diwali might be a better date but who knows if Salman SLB film will release on Diwali 2020.


@vivek rai, kaun thuka?



Vivek hi thuk gaya yahan pe


Lolz Clash he kaha hua ???
Bhai ne young Bhai bolkr khud Release Date de diya
Aur AKSHAY ka kya uski to 12 months me kabhi bhi movie rlse ho usse koi tension nahi ...

+3 votes

HELL EXCITED. Huge blockbuster sure if it is a solid entertainer. Akshay choosing action scripts make us very happy. Want more from him.

by Second Unit Director (74.1k points)
+3 votes

Ye salman kaun hai akshay faad dega director dkho samne arre kal ki bhangg logo ki utar hi nahi rhi hai kya sab high hi pde hai

by Assistant Director (47.7k points)
+3 votes

Once upon a time in Eid dobara?
Once upon a time in Eid again?

Dobara or Again? Again or Dobara?
Ahh whatever, suit yourself.

by Mega Star (216k points)
+3 votes

Holy shix, this looks good! Happy that Akshay is doing an action film. The release date? We'll probably get to know a more clearer picture of release date in 2020.

by Location Manager (6.4k points)
+3 votes

Crap Alert.

Well if Salman has a release on Eid 2020, this will move.

by Unit Manager (35.7k points)
+2 votes

Wit it coming on EID 2020....

2 things is Sure as of now
Bhansali's next wit Salman isn't releasing on EID.... might come on Diwali
DABBANG 3 is coming on last week of Dec19

by Camera Operator (11.9k points)
+2 votes

Pata Nahi Aamir Ka Khoon Kab Khaulega, Doing 2 Films In 3 Years Or 1 Film In 2 Years Is Just Not Correct, He Is Lagging Behind His Contemporaries Like Salman And Shahrukh Due To That, Even Akshay And Ajay Seems To Be A Threat Now For Him.

19 Hits And 9 Blockbusters Doesnt Look Good For A Top Superstar Even If He Is Among Top 3 In Terms Of Major Records.

Bande Ke Paas Sabkuch Hai Superstardom, Excellent Acting, Great Box Office Performance, Awards And Recognitions, Many Classic Films, Bas Volume Of Hits Mei Kami Hai, He Has Potential To Be Dilip Kumar, He Shouldn't Settle For Manoj Kumar, I Hope He End Up Having 25 Plus Hits And Close To 15 Blockbusters In His Career And He Can Surely Get There If He Works Even At His Current Rate Of 2 Films In 3 Years, It Shouldn't Be Less Than This!

by Assistant Director (44.9k points)

Dilip Kumar ka nahi pata prr AAMIR jrur RAJ KAPOOR & MANOJ KUMAR jaisa hai...


Hmm Isiliye Kaha He Is Wasting His Potential Aise Mei Jyada Se Jyada Top 10 Mei Rahega, He Should Aim For Bigger Than This, If He Gets 25 Plus Hits And Around 15 Blockbusters Till Retirement Then He Will Be Like Dilip Kumar And Top 7 Will Be Fixed!

+2 votes

karan johar saare festival per apni badi movie relese kar raha hai. rahi baat eid 2020 ki to rohit akshay combo ke saamne ab salman bhi nahi aayega.

by Location Manager (6.8k points)
+1 vote

"A bullet for a Bullet" Mass,Akshay kumar is back in his zone .

by Assistant Director (43.6k points)
+1 vote

Akshay on way to 150 crore nett.., maybe even cross Race 3 (great achievement )

by Second Unit Director (75.2k points)

Will Easily cross TUBELIGHT Eid rlse...
Race 3 thanks to Franchise


Vivek so that's the standard you have set for akki Tubelight and race3 LOL

+1 vote

Mega bumper opening on the way... Too much fun.

by Location Scout (4.5k points)
+1 vote

First of all, the posters are amazing! Clash will not happen at all. I place my box office bet on 250Cr. There's Best action director from India: Shetty and Best Marketer and Producer: KJO! This one is huge. All the best to Akki!

by Camera Operator (10.8k points)
+1 vote

Its good thing..Akshya gonna be biggest star ever this next decade.(in his own country)

by Costume designer (1k points)
edited by
+1 vote

Good. Seems like Akki might reach his peak very late in his career. This movie looks like a sureshot big hit and Akki looks younger and more fit than his contemporaries so he might be a bit star well into the next decade.

by Assistant Director (53.5k points)
+1 vote

dharma is now the biggest production house in bollywood and karan has become a very powerful man in the industry right now maybe even the most powerful,he has given hits continuously now for 4 years yrf is not even close right now

by Location Manager (6.6k points)
+1 vote

Some users here think that this might shift. Lol It's a ROHIT SHETTY ENTERTAINER. Congrats Akki for a blockbuster.

by Set Decorator (1.4k points)

Rohit Shetty isn't invincible nobody is remember dilwale


Brand Salman Khan is bigger than any director. Hence the expectation to move


@rkholic .... kowsigan aur puneet shukla..... red roses aur chocolate k packet utha k a rahay hain.....

+1 vote

Bhansali movie not ready that time.....

Good for Akshay

by Assistant Director (49.6k points)
+1 vote

Fantastic posters

It's going to be a bumper opening at the Box Office and Akshay Kumar's 3rd Blockbuster after Mohra and Rowdy Rathore. Everyone has seen the success of Simmba and Sooryavanshi is going to be much bigger. Also, Ajay Devgn (Special Appearance) and Akshay Kumar who are my favourites will share a screen space together.

I'm not sure what Rohit Shetty wants to do with this cop angle after Soorayavanshi more likely a crossover with Ajay Devgn, Akshay Kumar & Ranveer Singh. However, frankly speaking, he should do Singham 3 because this sequel needs to happen because the masses have been demanding it for a long time. After, Singham 3 then Rohit Shetty can do the crossover with a completed trilogy.

by Production Accountant (22.4k points)
+1 vote

Akshay Srk ranbir sabko dauda dauda ke bagaega apna Bhaijaan..

by Unit Manager (32.5k points)

Bechare Akki fan bade kahte the ki Salman se takkar lenge ab din to ye aa gaye hai ki Salman movie date announce kar raha hai dusre actor ki aur itna sa bhi jaroori nahi samjha ki tweet main hero ko mention kar de. Ise kahte hai swag....

0 votes

Let Akki come, His fans always brag for festive release even though his highest grosser is below all young stars. It's Megastar's domain, his yard.
This time we have a wrong movie, love story with Slb and they have Brand Rohit Shetty.
Still let the clash happens
Eid means Salman. Full Stop

by Assistant Director (40.6k points)
0 votes

just read them answers..... lol

by Star (158k points)