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I m full on weeds now, lol!
in Non-Bollywood by Location Manager (7.6k points)
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5 Answers

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Festival greetings to you

by Director (123k points)
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Hey in10s ..


To you too, Charlie brother, was missing you!


Thanks devendran , now pass me the joint


Pollen it is with me, that's from Italy. Take it all bro!

+3 votes

What's there to celebrate?

Waiting for Holi though

by Unit Manager (32.4k points)

Holi will come too, very soon!

+3 votes

We here in Bangladesh Celebrate by keeping fast for the day and pouring milk on Shiva Linga in nearest Shiv Mandir. Here in our area there are 3 shiv Temple. Puja will start after midnight.

Har HAr Mahadev. A happy Shiv Ratri to you.

by Second Unit Director (76.9k points)

Thanks bro! Enjoy, let's try to be celebrating with love for everyone in the world!

+1 vote

I don't i am atheist

by Assistant Director (40.6k points)

God is merciful. May God bless us all irrespective of their belief.


Those are some kind words. Thanks buddy


//You will, one day// yep. Agree with @devendran.

It will take time...i think todays 15-25yrs age group is most confused...

I'm not so devotional but I do have Spiritual seeker side... Slowly i understood the difference between devotional and spiritual.

Religious devotionalism is a gate to ultimate spiritual awakening i suppose.


@lxbhsh great thought brother.

0 votes

Since I'am a muslim, Its just another day for me

by Location Scout (3.7k points)

Muslims have good thought too. It's a good religion if you follow it right! You are the sane one, I have many Muslim friends... All of them are good.


Bro you have taken my answer as wrong Since I don't know much about Shivratri so it's a normal day for me.

I apologize if I offended you. Sorry.

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