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Official trailer uploaded by EROS

Unofficial ones uploaded by the fans who were present at Chandan cinema

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Superb....i can imagine what will be craze in theatre....

by Production Designer (13.5k points)
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Audience : Wahi cheez Baar baar
Salman fans : Wooow, cheer phar dega ,sitiyaa,taliyaa etc etc
Understand the difference between fans and audience.There are such Salman fans who just watch the movie for only Salman.But audience want a perfect entertainer with something refreshing......aur agar mere answer k neeche comment Karna ho to mere bhai plz article mat liko

edited by anonymous
itne sawalo ka ans dene k liye mere pas wakt nai hai par mere sawal ka ans do
Agar d2 underperformer nai hai aur agar public ko bhi wo pasand ayi to ett ko cross kyu nai kar pai? d2 ka weekend ett se bada tha par phir bhi l ifetime me 40 cr ka difference aur pura ek mahina tha collect karne ko
I've given the reasons but again I don't mind giving. It was the cold weather, the cricket matches that shortened the chances of a possible 20cr+ days to less than that, somedays it even went to 15cr. The multiplexes had given full priority to Dabangg 2 & so the single screens. 20+ shows dena koi kam baat nahi hai & that too starting from early morning to late night. They misread the strategy & also mistimed it. Biggest Holiday & people did come to the theaters, but they couldn't have come on the early morning shows. Common sense, working class people need to be at work in the morning so they were definitely not going to come for the late night shows, they coming for 10pm show itself was a great achievement above that was insane to ask. The cricket matches took out 4-5 shows in a day on those respective days that had the matches. Know this, on Christmas day Dabangg 2 collected 15cr which again was the day to collect more than 20cr. The loss happened due to the bad weather. 36cr ka difference mein 15cr toh easily inhi wajhon se collect nahi kar paya. Ek mass entertainer se aur kitna expect kar sakte ho? Wom to very good nahi tha, it was mixed. Mixed ka matlab toh saaf saaf hai ki movie rejected nahi tha. Got it?
Ok ye tumhe line pe lane k liye tha
lol didnt expect such lame exuses from you ....i mean agar 20 cr ka difference sirf 1 match se aur wo difference agle din bhi niikala jaa sakta tha aur ruko u r right yes yes ppl were busy in matches so they watched it on upcoming days n then rejected it.....aur agar weather itna bad tha to omg kaise chali on the shoulders of paresh rawal? No bro stop giving such excuses i am again telling you that ghajini released in same month but wasnt affected how?  kya us wakt thand nai thi jo sirf d2 k wakt ayi?
ek match? Aur yeh bacho wala argument hi kaisa hai, log dekhe aur reject kar diye? Arre dekh hi liya hai toh reject karne ka baat kahan se aayega? Ra.One was rejected, Besharam was rejected, Yuvvraaj was rejected, Veer was rejected.... This makes sense. But how come a movie which people watched, spent their money enough to contribute to the 150cr collections could be called a rejected film?

Kya sir aap Afghanistan pe rehte ho? Pata nahi ki India ki climatic conditions kya hote hai aur Dec 2012 ki climatic conditions were worse than anything experienced before.


Yeh article padh lena. Know the severity. Log terrorists se jitna darte nahin jitna 2012 ki cold conditions se darre the. 7 degrees tha temperature, the states that suffered were UP, Bihar, Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, Tripura, Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh & others. No need to answer me anything bas padh le aur khud hi jaan lo inn mein se kitne states hai jo Bollywood filmein maximum karta hai aur Salman ki zyada fan following. Easy wala ek state ka naam main hi bata deta hoon, Delhi. ETT was a record opener there. Now understood how Dabangg 2 got affected? I can go on. It's not that I want to show off or anything, I know stuffs & I love to share them, if I don't know I don't hesitate in accepting that I don't know.

Lastly, rejection ka matlab samajh lo. One movie wins the moment it gets it audiences. The moment audience decide not to come to the theaters then it is called rejection. Dekhne ka baad sirf like ya dislike hota hai rejection nahi. In that case Bodyguard, ETT too would be "rejected" films while Ready would be the best film in terms of audience acceptance. That's not the case.
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Salman is coming after one year gape so Nomatter other wipl react But it will Collect Huge..Trailer is good Not extraordinary But When salman comes on screen; Everything else doesn't matter..See public Response of trailer


enter link description here

by Producer (109k points)
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I fully agree with teens ans. btw trailer is below avg.Stalin would have been good movie but sohail bhai will ruin this movie.

by Director (132k points)
How you can sure....if film is good then its good....rohit shetty also gives flop earlier like zameen,sunday...but today he is on top...same with sohaip give one hit pktdk..also as director.....

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