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asked in Old by Super-star (194k points)
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Whats the motive film-making?
Is to entertain people and sometimes with a best possible message.
And in this way all these films are very different from other films, a special teach society.
And of these 3, 3 idiots is a more balanced film, infact the most balanced film of bollywood, hence is just the Best!

answered by Assistant Director (55.9k points)
selected by
+2 votes

All 3 movies were superb with there content so it wil not be right to make comparision

answered by Camera Operator (8.1k points)
+2 votes

rang de basanti
taree zameen par
3 idiots

Entertainment wise
3 idiots
rang de basanti
taree zameen par

answered by Director (124k points)
+2 votes

3 classic movies!... My vote goes for Tzp.......

answered by Second Unit Director (71.7k points)
+1 vote

Taare Zameem Par just loved the film though other two are good but TZP was really special to me it showed how a child feel when his parents don't understand him and always force him so TZP

TZP 5/5
RDB 3.5/5
3 idiots 3/5

answered by Assistant Director (45.3k points)
+1 vote

TZP 4/5
RDB 3.5/5

answered by anonymous
+1 vote

As a film -- TZP >> 3 Idiots >> RDB
Acc to my liking -- 3 Idiots >> TZP =RDB

answered by Star (150k points)
+1 vote

IMO,TZP>RDB>3 Idiots.

answered by Producer (101k points)

Legendry 3idiots is getting the 3rd rank amongst 3 films. ppl can just gauge the quality level and legacy of greatest aamir khan films from this.

'3 idiots' is an overrated film that makes other two better because those are good movies at least with no hamming.....

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