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I mean everyone targets celebrities (specially the known top) whether they donated or not.

Why not question the politicians even from your local area as they should also donate isn't it.

And are these Chief ministers from each state donating ? I'm sure NO. But if celebs don't do or say they don't announce that they have donated then they get targeted.

Did news anchors donate money? As they bark and show news that so and so celebs didn't do so and so thing.

I mean why target celebs ? Did Virat, Anushka, Ranveer Deepika, or even Ravi shashtri or anyone donate ? If you want to raise an issue then raise for ALL rather than selected people.

First of all celebs aren't Government to question them. People should question whether all politicians donated or not be it from local MLA/MP or Chief Minister of all states etc.

I don't know why no one raise these type of questions even good journalist also should cross question to people who are blaming celebs that "DID YOU DONATE ANYTHING BEFORE ASKING OTHER CELEBS?"

I'm I right or not.
in Non-Bollywood by Camera Operator (9.7k points)
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Why ask government? Isn't the money spend essentially the public's money?

Infact has any politician be it from President to a local MLA, only taking home his fixed salary in India? You can go further to Gram panchayat or even corporators. All have fixed salaries yet how many only rely/live on their salaries?

It's not "money" one needs to do charity. Having money & giving away some % is essentially throwing it away.

Coming back to your question, asking celebs, that is PR work for the celebs & in turn celeb news sells among people. It's a win-win situation. If no public give a damn for any celeb doing charity then will even a single journalist ask that question to any celeb?


Your answer didn't satisfy me or say I didn't get your point.

Are you justifying that we shouldn't ask the local leaders or ministers and rely on celebs for charity?


I am just saying, the reason behind questioning doesn't serve any righteous purpose.

Why ask any local leader or a leader about charity? They are public servants aren't they? It is their duty. So it is not "called" charity for them, it is their job. They've to bring/create laws/schemes and ensure it is executed in favour of the public without discrimination. Government funded charitable organisations are there. But how does government earn any money? It is by how much we the public pay our taxes. That in turn is used as investments, aid to public and even to pay back loans. So whatever government funds NGOs, it is our money. How they plan to do it, shows the efficiency of a government.

This is the main reason nobody will ask them about charity. Instead the question is "what have you done in your power?".

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It's all distraction, to save the face of the government that we have given our country to run to.
It's like in this country we have elected Actors, Singers, Cricketers, Journalists & not government.

There were Bure Din when we used to hold government accountable for their actions, nowdays in Acche Din we hold Actors, Cricketers accountable for government's actions, and if you criticise & question government then you are an Anti-national.

And hence, to save our government & to distract people from asking valid questions to those in power, we have media & government fans targeting these celebrities, bas government ko koi na kahe kuch, baki sab bhaad me jae.

by Mega Star (213k points)
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+1 vote

If they question the govt then they will be declared TRAITORS, DESHDROHI, TERRORIST SUPPORTERS etc etc.... That's why they don't dare to question the govt.

by Unit Manager (38.7k points)
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Koi Donate nahi krta sab fekte hai...bas Ek Akshay ka Real Lgta hai.

by Location Manager (6.6k points)

Akshay also don't donate from his pocket much. I mean he does but the amount which receives at Bharat Ke Veer is from all corners. But akshay ka name shine hota hai like happens with Being Human where charity comes from all corners but name aata hai Salman ka "Bhai zindabad bhai dhayalu etc"


Ha yrr canadian hoke bhi india ke logo ke liye itna kuch karta hai wo respect to him


Akshay fav hai to akshay real lagta hai bas. Salman ki being Human company hai jo ki animals and needy ki help karti hai. SRK ki meer foundation or bhi bhot sari charitable trusts hai jo acid Victims, old people, disabled people and needy people ki help karti hai. My question to you vivek, what kind of help do you provide to needy?


Vivek rai this is a movie forum. Do not make deregotary comments on any nation and refrain from commenting on political issues. This is not the place for it.

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