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+2 votes
For Salman I would like to see him do his usual roles post 2009 which have a bit of action,a bit of comedy and some emotions at least for 2/3 years before taking up challenging roles with mature romances and intense relationship movies
in Cinematic Discussion by Second Unit Director (79.5k points)
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I just want them contributing to cinema. Don't really care for box office. Films to remember by. Just not numbers as numbers are meant to be forgotten or someone else to surpass. To add on,

All I want Salman Khan & Shah Rukh Khan is to be thorough professionals in selecting their roles. Salman Khan got that attitude & instinct right barring couple of wrong choices.

To be more clear, Salman Khan should avoid is bad habit of "lack of effort". The way he has given his best to his films this decade, such carelessness will not make him look good on screen which exactly what happened with Race 3 & Ready. Infact Race 3 was a failure at it's inception & he greenlit the project to please his loyal people which is the same mistake he did last 2 decades & it is the same mistake which he promised to never make again this decade. It is this conviction that made him the number 1 Megastar he is. So all I want him is to remember that. 2 hit songs + 2 expensive action scenes for a mediocre script is enough to get a Hit theory won't work anymore. If he finds a half baked script, he better take the right decision rather trying this theory in vain just to satisfy the ego & his commitment to others.

In case of Shah Rukh Khan, he knows which film works & which film doesn't. A knowledge he seems to have locked away this entire decade. I as an audience do not care for how big RCE grows & what achievement his vfx company earns. If he is putting all the efforts on a film that is destined to fail from the go then it's not just stupidity but arrogance that eventually ends up cheating the audience. (This applied for Salman Khan & Aamir Khan too.) So, Srk should stop cheating himself first in the name of vfx. That alone cannot save a damp script. You make your team work to come up with an average script & you can save it with your performance. Performance not vfx or grand scale the film is shot.

In much simpler words, Salman & Shah Rukh are two seniors who know exactly what works & what doesn't in a script. It's upto them to decide how their final phase of their respective careers will get shaped up.

Lastly, Salman Khan has never disappointed all through the decade in his 3 decade career. It is unacceptable to see Srk do it. I may still be furious over Zero, but having spent an entire decade even if criticizing Srk's choice of roles + films, in a way had defended him saying he deserves better & the industry hasn't had his back. But it's time to say, as an audience, I deserve better & it's time for Srk to deliver on his potential.


First of all give your thoughts on Zero. I'm curious what you thought about it.

and secondly, do you actually think SRK still knows exactly what works? After an entire decade of giving bad movies don't you think he's actually forgotten how to judge a script. even the movies that didn't focus on VFX were bad.


I disliked Zero to the core. I mean I feel too much thoughts was shared mostly in the chatroom, so it is unfair to simply rant for the sake of it. I mean I did exactly that in the above comment.

And of course I think, Srk knows it exactly. I can't tell you what went wrong in the process this decade. That is 27 years of experience we are talking about.

9 Answers

+2 votes
Best answer

Salman: Stick to action movies, try a Bahubali like epic..........too bad the SLB movie is not the one

SRK: Try to make sure audiences do not leave his movies midway through the interval.

by Star (154k points)
selected by

Haha spot on about SRK.

+2 votes

Salman khan any role welcome..
Srk who cares..

by Unit Manager (33k points)
+1 vote

Rumurs : Srk next with kangana. So now finally srk started supporting role.

by Unit Manager (36.7k points)
+1 vote

For Salman I just hope he doesn't do a blunder like Race 3 again. Maybe he can do a role like Sultan again where he has a personal connection and so actually does some acting in the movie.

For SRK I am completely clueless. All I can say is that he should make sure that his next movie isn't unwatchable like JHMS and Zero.

by Assistant Director (56.2k points)
+1 vote

Any kind of role but with a proper acript not like race 3 and zero
Salman should keep doing action+massy films
Coming to SRK stop this vfx thing just a decent family entertainer will do

by Assistant Director (48.8k points)

Zero is a proper scripted movie yes its exectuion and lenght is so big that's one of the reason of zero failure but race 3 is not a proper movie. Remo made half movie only.


Nah zero is as bad as a script can get there is no sense in the movie
Race 3 toh bas rojgaar yojana thi uske bare me toh kya bolu

0 votes

2-3 sal or chal jye bhut h... guarantee nhi h...

Cinema is changing...

by Assistant Director (50.3k points)
0 votes

Salman knows what to do - Masala commercials.

While Shahrukh should come back to CE HNY Dilwale Raees zone to be in the race as ZERO JHMS FAN types won't help unless they have excellent script/story to tell.

by Camera Operator (10.7k points)
0 votes

I want both SRK and Salman to do movies which will be watched after 50-60 years,, which will be hailed as classics. I think in this stage of carreer they should not think about box office anymore. If box office number comes it is bonus, but should not be first priority. I think both of them lag behind Aamir in classics.

by Production Accountant (24.4k points)
–1 vote

Aamir Khan Kind.........

by Second Unit Director (78.4k points)

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