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The first week has ended for Gully Boy with around 94 crore nett which is a good collection but the figures do not tell the whole story as the film has faced rejection in the core Hindi speaking markets while metros have lapped it up. Below are the apprx break ups of Mumbai circuit and Delhi / UP in week one. Gully Boy and Simmba are both outperformers in Maharashtra 



The collections in Gujarat and UP pretty much tell the picture at an all India level especially UP as its the most populated state in the country with around 17% of the all India population. Here Simmba is three times more than Gully Boy.



Gully Boy 

Gujarat / Saurashta  - 5.75 crore (16.31%)

Maharashtra / NK / Goa - 29.50 crore (83.68%)


TOTAL - 35.25 crore (Mumbai Circuit)



Gujarat / Saurashta - 17.17 crore (31.13%)

Maharashtra / NK / Goa - 38 crore (68.88%)


TOTAL - 55.17 crore (Mumbai Circuit)


Gully Boy 

Delhi NCR - 15.60 crore (77.04%)

UP - 4.65 crore (22.96%)


TOTAL - 20.25 crore (Delhi / UP Circuit)



Delhi / NCR - 17.33 crore (55.94%)

UP - 13.65 crore 44.06%)


TOTAL - 30.98 crore (Delhi / UP Circuit)

Source Link: https://boxofficeindia.com/report-details.php?articleid=4747
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This boi is biggest fool i have ever heard of.
Being a trade analyst,he must have respect towards cinema.
But this guy only talks about pan india pan india.
It is not mandatory that movie should be watched by each and every section of audience.
The movies like gullyboy, tamasha, dhobi ghat etc are made only for some section of audience that is multiplex audience. That is the reason why do not invest on such movies. They keep the budget low and are happy with the minimal profit but more importantly for makers, conveying the story is their primary thing.
Boi says tiger zinda hai is pan india film and yes it did make huge profits.but still there are many audience who didnt watch that movie.and these audience could be the ones who have watched movies like barfi, gully boy, andadhun etc.
Boi should remeber that there is audience for each and every film. When makers are not thinking about losses or appeal, who is this boi??

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BOI is not against these type of movies, BOI is against the idea that only these type of movies should be made.

Also the over praises such movies get from media & industry create the perception that such movies are more successful than they normally are, it leads to more & more people ignoring normal commercial cinema & there's the problem.

BOI isn't saying don't make these movies, BOI is saying don't spread wrong perception about these movies which might hurt your traditional cinema.

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matlab no movie that doesn't appeal to every person in the country should be made? no limited appeal movies? dimaag kharab hai BOI ke admin ka. apna agenda apread karne ke liye artciles likhay jaa raha hai.

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Don't made a movie which doesn't appeal to every person in the country ?

No limited appeal movies ?

Only Simmba & Golmaal type movie

Wah.. BOI wah...


Bhai wo box office numbers deta hai to wo to yahi chahega ki har film sabhi class ke liye ho khair main bhi agree nahi karta BOI se.


bhai ek simple logic dekho:

ek audience member hai, wo masala movies nahi dekhta, wo sirf Gully Boy, Tamasha type movies dekhta hai. ab agar aisi movie ayegi to usse interest ayega aur wo zyada research bhi karega. isski waja se BOI aur uss jaisi aur websites to fayda hi hua na end main?

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Pagala gya hai sala maaro isko re koi

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Here's a thing. So what?
It's not compulsory that a film should cater to all the sectors, what matters is that it should do well in sectors that it caters to. The attention that needs to be given is that the film doesn't go outside the scope of its niche while the costing process.

The focus here should be on the fact that how close, Gully Boy is to Simmba in Mumbai city or Delhi-NCR, despite Simmba being 150cr 1st week grosser and Gully Boy being just 94cr.

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Well it is a metro movie, it'll be close.


Yeah, then compare with Metro film. say Dear Zindagi, JHMS, etc.

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BOI has shown Ranveer Singh his true place today. His superstar status has been exposed well enough..

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