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What is the exact reason behind that Akshay Kumar is always top the list of highest tax payers but not in highest earning celebrities?

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156 views asked Dec 14, 2013 in Old by Deleted User Id - 2
+1 gud question.

7 Answers

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1st of all. He is very kind hearted person. He always help poor, helpless peoples nd never say to someone That look at me i'm helping them so make news about my greatness, my kindness ( i mean paid media publicity).
And bieng a highest tax payr. That shows how responsible he is!
He always follow this rule " 10 lo nd 100 do" that's why he always top the list of highest taxpayr. Bt nt in highest earning.

Akshay Kumar

"King Of Hearts"

answered Dec 14, 2013 by Deleted User Id - 0
selected Dec 17, 2013 by
100% Agree with you.
Kuchh bhi!! You mean to say he earn less and pay more..its not charity house....Government of india ka hai income tax..Its about how you earn where you invest.....Noone pays extra and noone can pay extra..Income tax wale Awai nahi lete tax..There is something called Balance sheet and Accountancy...
Oh! I understand what r u trying to say bt wht abt charity.donation nd all kinds of acts he does for poor peoples? Wo sab income tax ko nahi dikhta kya?
+4 votes

Because he honestly pays taxes.

answered Dec 14, 2013 by nolaniitjee Assistant Director (41,310 points)
+3 votes

He does maximum movie by any superstar; So total earnings is more..Plus he is a responsible citizen who pays tax genuinely...

answered Dec 14, 2013 by moviezfun Producer (107,910 points)
+3 votes

Because he pays 20% extra

answered Dec 14, 2013 by Sacrifice Production Accountant (29,574 points)
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Akshay is the king in terms of paying tax....there is someone else who calls himself by this name and his fans also say he is the richest,wonder why he doesnt pay his taxes properly......

answered Dec 14, 2013 by Navoarsenal All Time best! (267,238 points)
so according to you srk,salman,dhoni,amitabh are corrupts !!!
kya pata.............
Everybody invest in tax saving scheme and nothing wrong in this...Rather I call this Smart investment unit and unless you do it correctly...
+2 votes

Coz he is a very honest person.

answered Dec 14, 2013 by Dipanshu Second Unit Director (71,970 points)
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+1 good question.

answered Dec 14, 2013 by hasan Production Accountant (23,623 points)

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