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Never expected that Gully Boy will do great business in overseas. It has surpassed all (my) expectations. Have a look: 



Thu: $303k

Fri: $494k 

Sat: $794k (Estimates)

This brings 3-Day USA business to $1.59M.



Thu: A$65,515

Fri: A$103,035

Sat: A$139,991

This brings 3-Day Australia business to A$308k


New Zealand

Thu: NZ$20,085

Fri: NZ$26,870

Sat: NZ$34,214

This brings 3-Day New Zealand business to NZ$81,127

*Do keep in mind that few screens are yet to report. Final figures to arrive on Monday.


Truly unbelievable because it's doing better than Simmba in USA & NZ. Sat saw an amazing growth. Gully Boy is expected to mint over $4M In it's Opening weekend. 


Sources: OverseasRights, PaniPuri  & GoodOrBad. 

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Great collection for this genre. Ranveer is the future megastar both in india and overseas, classes and masses.

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$2.2m expected in just 4 days in USA! He indeed is going to be global superstar.

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Pretty decent number. He's become a star all right. The issue arises when these kids are overrated as superstars and threat to khans which clearly is a long long way off. They still need a fair bit of padding to run a movie.

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salman survived due to nepotism let him do a film like this flop for sure


Do not run away tom cruise, I have a question for you. Why couldn't uday chopra, Junior B, Kumar Gaurav, Sohail Khan, Arbaaz, Faisal Khan, Imran Khan fail? Since nepotism is a guarantee to success.

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