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Have seen some compare the two but I can't understand, they( at least to me) have their own creative ethos and capability, one that has impressed millions of well- wishers and followers throughout the nation/worldwide.
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I think this BOI article has really elevated Dharmendra .... plus the Deols are so lost with changing times while i expect Salman being much much smarter which make the right transition
to be relevant in many more years to come

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There is No Difference Between Them..
Dharmendra also said that He is Salman Khan of His Time..
Wahi BODY ,,Wahi Masala/Action Movies,,Never won Best Actor Award (Filmfare or National),, Mostly Crap Movies,, Most Big Hits,most Handsome in the list in Top 10..
Pura ussi ke trah to hai kuch difference nahi hai.. Difference thoda ye hai kii Salman kii Overseas me popularity ho gyi kyuki ab movies Overseas me Rlse hoti hai prr Dharmendra ke waqt USSR tha jaha uski movies 48cr Ticket Sold kiye hai Highest By Any Actor 3 movies in 5cr Footfalls in USSR
Coming To New BOI even BOI also said SRK & SALMAN doesn't have all round Popularity like Amitabh & Dharmendra...
Means Dharmendra is still Bigger than Salman...and will above in Ranking
Update ke baad wo upar he rhnge uske baad iss forum me wahi rona hoga ""BOI is Biased...BOI is Fake....BOI is Punjabi...blah blah""
But For me still Dharmendra = Salman

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Uss din toh salman star hi nahi tha aur aaj dharmendra=salman


This is called Chameleonism.


first of all Dharmendra was never no.1 star in any stage of his entire career. not by any trade or any media. At least salman is no. 1 star from 2010 to 2019.....ab 5cr, 10cr footfall kitne bhi do koi farq nahi padta. 60s-70s-till mid 80ss me darasingh ki filmein bhi hit hoti thi...because there was no other source of entertainment...yeh saare megastar, gigastar like bigb, dharam, jitentdra,dilip kumar, rishi kapoor has not given 2 cr footfall since 1986. any reason? till 1985 4cr footfall was cake walk for big star suddenly footfall gone down from 1986 and barrier became 2 cr ...reason is simple cable tv started from 1986. people got option to watch movies at home in free. mpk, DDlj would have crossed 10cr footfall if they released before 1985..these 2 movies was affected from cable tv.. and this cable tv hardly started in few cities but still impact was more imagine these actors started there career in 1990s they would be another akki sunny or any other action star.. why HAHK has more footfall because it has not released on cable tv for first 10 months ...suraj badjatya took risk to released movie on 1 print in each cities just to control cable piracy i would give HAHK success credit to suraj's bisinees strategy not any star.


Vivek, what is your criteria for a movie to be crap or classic?
Salman has done only 70 odd movies, you will face no problem to list the so called ' crap movies'.
If Filmfare is the yardstick for you, the best performance of Bollywood ever for celebrities or many critics Ganga Jamna didn't win best actor, most iconic Gabbar Singh too didn't win, what more Aamir Khan in Rangeela didn't win.
Even then Salman has two Filmfare awards with 17/18 nominations ( great performances as your Filmfare nominated them) from 1/4 th movies of Dharmendra.


Bhai isforum main Salman k naam ki I'd bna k bohat se srk fans troll krtay indirect Salman ko very sad


Bhai sad toh unke liye khol ke khud ko SRK fan bolne ki bhi himmat nahi hai nakli id bna ke troll karne ki koshish krte hai

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