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Finest Zoya Akhtar movie after Znmd, though less entertaining but artistically magnificent.
Ranveer Singh's 1st rap battle, Fight with father, Meri bhi koi Aukaat hai, Apna time aayega (climax) are highlights of this movie. It talks about many issues like
Class divide
Conservative Muslim families
Freedom and it all fits the narrative smoothly, it's subtle.
Ranveer is simply sensational, not for once you feel like he's playing a character it feels so real.
Alia bhatt was explosive, be it her accent or dialogues, she leaves a lasting impact.
Vijay raaj, Vijay Verma, Amrutha all played their parts with perfection.
Though a bit long and little bit streched after interval it certainly deserves a watch, long kissing scenes might put the family audience off.
It's only for youth.
Rating 3.5/5*

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Gully Boy is a Voice of Young Generation. This movie is based on young guy which doing many thing in life and how you achieve your goals.

Acting - Ranveer Singh Looking Really a Gully Boy and his Make up and costume also suit him. His performance as always fantastic. He is miles ahead in acting term for new generation actors and compete directly Ranbir Kapoor. And Alia Bhatt Doing Her Work in a Great Proportation. In second half her role is small but effective. She is no 1 actress for me. Other actors alao going good work.

Screenplay - first half, quick, and tight screenplay without a dull scene. Enjoy a lot. But in second half, when alia role is reduce in the movie than movie looking very streatchy.
1st half Screenplay - 4/5
2nd half Screenplay - 2/5

Direction - as always joya akthar best work ZNMD. But this movie is not a 50% of that movie. First half direction is good but second half direction is very lazy. Yes climax is very well made.

Songs - Apna Time Aayega is the best song and audience reaction crazy for this. Other songs i don't like it.

Rating - 2.5/5 (Average, One Time Watch)

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I think I won for best review of KGF. Did I get the points?

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Well points for best review was not announced in that post.


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Acting: Ranveer has left an solid impression on me with his acting in Gully Boy. I'm so damn impressed with his acting. 5/5 Acting. Also ** SHER & Safeena : Aag Laga Daali!

Screenplay: A bit stretched first half but pre interval sequence & second half was just magnificent. You know when seeing a character's success makes you happy proves that how touching the film is. 4/5 Screenplay, Kissing scenes were not that important. There should be 1 kissing scene max but there is 3-4 i guess.

Songs: Fire. Addictive. Energetic. Theater went crazy during the rap battles and during 'Apna Time Aayega'. Also doori sequence was something which touched me. 4.5/5 Songs . After watching the movie i can't stop myself from listening to gully boy album, divine & naezy songs daily.

Overall this movie is unmissable. It's way too good. It touches you. It's not a film, it's a feeling. You will laugh, have sympathy for murad, smile. Movie might not satisfy mass audience but classes will not be going to be disappointed . It's way too motivational. It gives you the 'Josh' to do something big. ZNMD>GB. 4.25/5 Should not be missed.

Rap Battles will going to amaze y'll.

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Despite not wanting to, went to watch GB on a friend's recommendation and its overrated as anything. The first half is decent the direction stays in line and the angst of the people living in the slum is well captured.

Then the curse of the 2nd half strikes and the movie sinks and sinks and goes into a slumber. Kalki's character was a useless distraction which was not needed. Acting wise its alia bhatt who left the best impression. Man, this girl is such a powerhouse of talent. Safeena is feisty and honest about what she needs from life and alia rocks the show. The new comer Siddhant is a wonderful discovery, as if he was born to be a rapper. Natural as anything. The lead actor Ranveer Singh is decent in patches, but most times he looks out of sorts since this is not the kind of acting he is used to. This movie doesnt let him overact at which he's acquired expertise.

Overall Rating: 2.5/5.

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That last line got me mad


Ranveer ka time phir aayega overact karne ka, I felt bad for him for being in a movie like this, its like he was restraining himself.

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