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Ever since I watched RIck and Morty, I wanted to catch more of the animated tv shows. One thing that is obvious is that you can show/do anything in an animated show, because it does not need sets or anything. The true imaginations can be visualized in a every way possible! Same was done with Rick and Morty. It was a gem. I'm waiting for its next season. More on that later.

Lets talk about Bojack Horseman. The first episode was so so. The only reason I started watching was that I needed something to watch everyday while I travel to my work. It takes roughly 50 minutes by local train so 25 minutes of any good funny TV show would do. The jokes are new and inventive! You can really use some of the stuff in real world and amaze people. Bojack voiced by Will Arnett is the star of the show. No one in the world could have done a better job than Arnett. You really have to watch and experience it yourself. Some of the scenes that include ridiculous situations and a ridiculous guy in those situations. That guy is Todd Chavez (Aaron Paul). Boy is he stupid and lovable! Another such character was Mr. Peanutbutter (A Dog). The good dog. What a goof he is! I love him more than Bojack. There is a cat as well. Princess Carolyn. She impresses as well.

The show has a world where animals and human co exist. Little jokes where a cow is a waitress and when one character asks for milk, you know what she does! I mean this may seem crass to some people but I loved it. They have captured essence of all the animals and made them talk and enact.

If you want "new". This is the show. There is one entire episode which is underwater and no one talks. One more episode is where Bojack talks for about 25 minutes and never loses you! There are many more innovative episodes!

The character progression. No one is stagnated. All have arcs. All have their motivations. Among them is our star Bojack. I don't want to spoil anything but just watch him go! The other show which is better or comparable in that manner is The Breaking Bad. There I said it. It's that great.

I would rate it 9/10.
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It gets very dark towards the end. You cant imagine a cartoon show getting that dark and intense. Thats what made it so special.

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BoJacl Horseman is a special show. I also don't watch animated shows regularly but this one os an exception.

I love the consistency in the humor. The show is always trying to be as funny as possible but also never strays from the character arcs. The amount of puns they manage to put into the dialogues is amazing.

It's also not afraid to get really dark. The things we've seen Bojack do through the seasons are really heartbreaking. Through all that it manages to keep the arcs for the characters going. You feel invested in almost every character.

Other good animated shows to watch are Rick and Morty and Gravity Falls. Gravity Falls is of course more childish in it's sensibilities and does feel like a kids show for most of the first season but after the mythology opens up it becomes terrific.

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The fact is that the creators get way more freedom with an animated show. They can show the world they want. They just have to draw it!

I started futurama. It is a great show with great humour. I don't like childish stuff. I want my offensive and adult jokes sprinkled all over the duration of the show.


yeah I've seen Futurama too, it's really good.

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Alright then after finishing GOT will watch breaking bad and this

by Assistant Director (45.2k points)

haven't watched one episode of GOT yet ... saving it for old age binge watching
Go for Breaking Bad right now means now is the best ever


Well 2 more seasons to go of GOT only after that i will watch it
Lets see after watching both which one i believe is the best ever


SSK you will give the edge to Breaking Bad. You will have to.

Reply to this thread after youve watched


Will do that for sure after watching

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This has Aaron Paul ... wow wow wow ...suddenly more interested

Good review ... very honest ... off the cuff give me 2-3 more names of any series on netflix thatu loved

by Location Manager (5.1k points)

yep its better to stop SSK. Start watching some other show.


Also watch prison break if you havent already


@seinfled i am new to tv shows i have started watching them recently so haven't watched prison break either but will watch it for sure


@seifeld yes Prison Break is a huge favorite of a friend of mine who considers it better than Breaking Bad ... alas i watch on Apple Tv and only netflix and amazon prime there on TV ... do not watch on laptop or mobile so holding this for a while