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Uri - The Surgical Strike broke is still maintaining extraordinary collections on its fifth Monday as it collected in the 1.50-1.75 crore nett range. The film has a total 214.25 crore nett now in 32 days and the film should cruise past the 225 crore nett and maybe even go past 230 crore nett.



The fifth week collections are heading towards a phenomenal 18 crore nett mark, there could a drop on Thursday as the new release Gully Boy will release a day early due to Valentines Day but it could also be that Valentines Day helps Uri - The Surgical Strike as well.



The film is going to beat the Bahubali 2 fifth week numbers by a margin be it NETT or GROSS meaning this film will hold ALL TIME RECORDS for the highest fourth and fifth week NETT figures and it will be no surprise if week six is also added to the list. The collections of Uri - The Surgical Strike are as follows.



Week One - 71,23,00,000



Week Two - 62,76,00,000



Week Three - 37,06,00,000



Week Four - 29,30,00,000



Friday - 2,25,00,000 apprx



Saturday - 4,50,00,000 apprx



Sunday - 5,50,00,000 apprx



Monday - 1,65,00,000 apprx



Fifth Week - 13,90,00,000 apprx (4 Days)



TOTAL - 2,14,25,00,000 apprx

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230 cr lifetime for a 44 cr budget film. blockbuster trending. when emotion and patriotism mixed up than tsunami coming at the box office.

by Production Accountant (26k points)
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All set for 18 cr 5th week. Still no slowing down for URI. ATBB!!!!!

by Star (147k points)
0 votes

Still going so strong after 32 days ATBB

by Assistant Director (41.9k points)
0 votes

Replace uri with manikarnika and the post seems to be perfect. There's no way any other movie can beat BB2, if Queen has released her movie in the same month. Vicky kaushal has hidden nepotism links. He has a movie background. It's a conspiracy

by Director (135k points)
0 votes

2 crores footfalls is still on for this movie. It should cross that mark and surprise us. Whatever verdict may they give to this, it was a masterstroke by the makers; and I am sure Bollywood will now start making films on these sorts of topics such that we get fed up with the same genre. Great start for 2019 too. 2018 was one of the best years of bollywood without superstars' movies working and there won't be a surprise if the same happens this year too.

Hope they give it ATBB verdict for never-seen trending in more than a decade!

by Location Manager (7.8k points)

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