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Gonna get it's *** handed to it by Captain Marvel.


You're supporting captain Marvel? Seriously. Where is Jat?


It's not about support, more about reality.


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Remake of The Invisible Guest, trailer looks promising, Sujoy ghosh is a good director, liked both Amitabh and tapasse performance in pink so very much interested in this one.

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Fabulous look and feel of the movie .... totally "Gone Girl" vibes ...very rich and beautifully photographed .... best part trailer reveals nothing besides the basic premise .... Sujoy Ghosh is a very intelligent director ....this should be interesting

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Interviewer: tell us what is so special about the movie that made you want to produce it.

SRK: that scene where the car is drowning required VFX. I thought it would be a great way to show the world what India can do in VFX. this type of car drowning scene has never been done before.

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Hahahahahahahahha, imagine an SRK fan seeing it and watching a rocket flying off into space into this movie.


can't rule that out. they tried something new here, the killer puts the murder item in a spaceship and Amitabh sir has to train alongside Bauua Singh to go to space.

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Another PINK in the making, and another low-budget success for Bollywood! AB and Tapsee rock together!

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Looks good. Hope RCE have not messed it up

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Looks good lets see what it does at the box office

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Didn't knew it's a remake of a Spanish film was looking forward to it... Skip.

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