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Another Blockbuster for Tiger. SS Audience loves Tiger Shroff. SS Audience doesn't like Bandra Belt c*****apa. All they want is action, songs, entertainment. End of discussion.

by Second Unit Director (78.1k points)
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Baaghi 4 - Disha Patani
Baaghi 5 - Shraddha Kapoor
Baaghi 6 - Disha Patani
Baaghi 7 - Shraddha Kapoor
Baaghi 8 - Disha Patani
Baaghi 9 - Shraddha Kapoor
Baaghi 10 - Disha Patani

Baaghi the finale Part 1 - Shraddha Kapoor & Disha Patani
Baaghi the finale Part 2 - No Shraddha Kapoor, No Disha Patani
Baaghi the finale Part 3 - No Tiger Shroff, Only Shraddha Kapoor & Disha Patani
Baaghi the final finale the final Chapter - Tiger Shroff returns with Shraddha Kapoor & Disha Patani

by Mega Star (216k points)

Alas SRK can't pull off something like Baaghi. Baaghi 2 > Magnum Opus ZERO


Nah, he can pull better, Don 2 >> any Bollywood movie Action wise.


But Winter and Christmas release ke baad bhi 105 crore. Don 2 is ordinary movie. Only SRKians call it great. Muskil se hit hua tha solo xmas release mai. Admit it TB. I know truth hurts.


Great logic, too bad HR fans call flop Lakshya as great, just a crappy movie, no box office succes, huh.

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It's a huge franchise for tiger, but ahmed khan is a crap director they will copy one more telugu movie blatantly for this one.
Regardless of that it's a sureshot hit and has a shot at 200cr with new GST.

by Unit Manager (39.2k points)

They will remake Godachari.

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Tiger Will Rule bollywood in future,, mass circuit me chaa jyga..

by Camera Operator (8.5k points)


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I think first time this is happening.... First part actress missing second and coming back to third.

by Second Unit Director (77.9k points)
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Ahmed Khan .... all these choreographers turned directors are the worse of the lot

by Location Manager (5.1k points)
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So they went ti shraddha again and what are thet remaking now goodachari or some other film

by Assistant Director (46.6k points)
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Bringing Shraddha back is lil confusing.... Will the story start from where part 1 if that's the case it will be first tym that a story will continue from part 1 & will be showcases in partv3 but already had a different part 2

by Camera Operator (11.8k points)
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Man, but why? B2 was moronic enough, Tiger is hell bent on making his career through brain dead action movies.

by Star (148k points)

But movies made always earn for money not quality. Quality coming rarely there director always made movie for earn money.


Dude forget it, you are just like BOI obsessed with money and footfalls, each person is not the same.


Bro i am not saying anything about box office but the fact is filmmakers always make film for money not content and appriciation. Yes if both things in a movie that is rarety but always Money is more important. I am not saying what you are thing and general audience is thing but the film makers also make movie for money.


@Intense At the end its all about money. Paisa lagaya toh ROI must be calculated. Films are for entertainment and Money. Creativity and other things are like sidekick.