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4. Holiday Release But Not Festival - ()

Given sensible answer with reason and all holidays consider.
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This EDX hutiyappa is nothing but a excuse of Khan haters, especially Bhai haters. If EDX release ensures blockbuster status of the film then WTF others do not release their films on EDX??? Eg - Akki sir har saal 2-3 films laate hai, sabko EDX pe release karke blockbusters kyu nhi banata unn films ko???

by Unit Manager (39.2k points)
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Akki gave a disaster on diwali 2010 and xmas 2010. Blue kinda did well on its weekend but crashed out later. It's a simple fact. Salman has earned a holiday release. Even if bharat bombs, no one would have guts to clash with d3 or veteran remake.


If Golmaal is announced then salman will run away in clash guts no one is greater than time my friend


The same logic says Zero would have collected less than maximum 25cr-30cr lifetime on non holiday period....25cr lifetime, that is less than pre Eid, non holiday Race3 opening day. Salman on day1>>>>Srk lifetime.

Too much funny!!!


Lol....Suraj.j has hidden his comment after my reply... Ye khauf mujhe pasand aaya.

Sunny paazi is greater than time

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Xmas is the most beneficial festival to release a movie hands down. Its followed by Eid and lastly diwali. A movie with starpower and amazing content can do wonders on any festival though.

by Star (146k points)
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Don't know but EDX is now most important ...
When Multiplex started in 2005 Mostly Blockbuster & Superhits came bcoz of EDX...
Agar ye aise he jaari raha to Future me Actors Bigger Blockbuster denge...Aur humari Indian Audience aisi hai bina ek Big Star ke nahi rhh skti khojj leti hai khud apna Fvrt Star...
50s me dilip
60s Rajendra
70s Dharmendra
80s AMITABH etc..

by Location Manager (8k points)

Ye baat jab Salman 70 saal ka hoga tab puchne aaunga tumse...
Yaha baat Fvrt Kii EDX prr BLOCKBUSTER ka hai jo abhi Movie krr raha hai..
2005 ke baad XMAS prr Welcome Superhit thi wo bhi Clash me Akshay ka Biggest Hit last Decade me..
2009 me Clash to Yaad hoga 3 Way..MAMK vs BLUE vs ALL THE BEST ..Salman khud dono se haar gya tha
2010 ME AJAY Blockbuster diya DIWALI prr
2013 me HR ne diya Diwali prr
2015 me RANVEER ne diya clash me
2017 me Ajay ne diya Blockbuster
2013 me SRK ne diya CE
Sabhi ne diya hai...bas Difference ye hai kii SALAMAN & AAMIR ka Continuous rlse hota tha baaki krte the apne mann ke hisab se..
Aur Clash karr nhi skte the Eid prr dekh liya 2009 & 2010 me kya haal hua sbka loss


K3g released on Eid al fitr, not Ramjaan Eid


@Roman go & type on Google "Ramjaan Eid in 2001"" you will get your answer.


Ab Ajay, Ranbir, Srk k pichhe chhupke kya fayda??? Acc to u films bcm blockbusters bcz of EDX...phir Amitabh ko bolo naa Eid pe aake blockbuster de.....

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Diwali & Eid Were Already Big Release Dates. Which Is Why Big Movies Used To Release On That Period. But X-Mas, On The Other Hand, Was Completely Unexplored. Aamir Khan's Movie Festival, As They Call It. And Rightly So.

by Production Accountant (27.4k points)

You Asked Me A Question, I Answered. If You Have Anymore Questions Then List Them All Together So I'll Answer Them All Together.
And We Don't Need To Consider K3G As Eid Release, As It Was The Eid Release. Apart From 3 Or 4(I'll Have To Check About 4th One) Blockbusters, Eid Has Witnessed 5 Super Hits & 3 Record Openers, And 1 All Time Grosser. And None Of Them Features Salman Khan. In Fact, Biggest Disasters On Eid Belongs To Salman Only. Why?


@Rajat Dabangg & Bodyguard mein Aamir tha na ...


I Didn't Know They Allowed Retards Into This Forum.


Off course they allow... Otherwise you would have not been on the forum.

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It's about the first day only, Salman can bring 30 lakhs people more in the first day, Aamir 20 lakhs and SRK around 20 lakhs. Word-of-mouth follows from the first show itself! Eid is still a lucrative period because of Salman, but one more bad movie from Salman will change that too. Clever audiences these days! Instead of shit movies, they would spend for a date or beer with friends!

by Camera Operator (8.6k points)

Wen did aamir became equal to puny pr made star..


SRK is still a bigger crowd puller than Aamir. It has nothing to do with your love or hatred towards anyone.


Woh toh dikh gaya last xmas.. kitna bada crowd puller hai

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