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JHMS (4 Aug): Flop (62Cr Nett India, OS: $10.5M)

Raees (25 Jan): Semi Hit (128Cr Nett India, OS $14.1M)

Fan (15 Apr): Flop (84Cr Nett India, OS $10.02M)

MNIK (12 feb): Hit (72.8Cr Nett India, OS $21M)


Salman Khan

Jai Ho (24 Jan): Semi Hit (109 Cr India Nett, OS $6M) 

Ready (3 June): Blockbuster (120Cr India Nett, OS $4.2M)

Veer (22 Jan): Below Avg (38Cr India Nett, OS $2M)


Aamir Khan

Talaash (30 Nov): Semi Hit (91Cr India Nett, OS $8.9M)

Edit: Added Talaash and Ready. Removed ETT (Eid was on 19-20 Aug) and Dhobhi Ghat. 

Source Link: BOI
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Also what about Talaash?


Where is Blockbuster Ready? Also Dear Zindagi for Srk can be considered.


Added Talaash and Ready. Removed ETT because eid was on 19-20Aug.

7 Answers

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one thing is consistent srks overseas clout

by Costume designer (1.2k points)
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Bhai ETT eid pe aayi thina.. ready nonholiday thi..

Nasha pura utarne diya karo..

by Unit Manager (31.8k points)

Guess he considered only Independence day for ETT as EID fell on 20th August.



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Talassh,ready are also non holiday
ETT was on eid if i remember correctly

by Unit Manager (36.8k points)


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ETT Non Holiday ajib haal hai
Aur ye sach hai Without EDX koi Consistent nahi rhh skta mtlb back to back HITS..
KARAN JOHAR -> EDX is The Only Superstar Today.
Lekin ye sach hai Agar EDX hata bhi de to Ye Decade Salman ko belong krta hai.. Bcoz of Veer,, Jai Ho,, Ready Opening...

by Location Scout (3.5k points)

Aamir ka ek he rlse hai Non Holiday prr 2007 ke baad TAALASH ..


BOI ne talaash ko Semi Hit Verdict diya h


Haa dekha hai


This all started with dabangg. Holiday and shit.

Before that the movies used to run on their merit. Holiday non holiday.

Salman is the only one this decade who has multiple crap blockbusters. Amir gives one TOH and it flopped. Srk, the lass talked the better.

The thing is you have to consider all things, the budget, the opening. The trending. All our arguments are not taking into consideration the various facets of BO.

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If EDX can make a film Blockbuster , there will 27 Blockbusters in the decade so far, and 3 more this year

by Assistant Director (56k points)
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Salman's track record is the best either it is EDX release or non holiday release. BTW, EDX releases bhi AUKAAT ke hisab se milta hai. Otherwise guys like Akshay Kumar would have released all his films on EDX.

by Unit Manager (37k points)
–1 vote

Not Adding Dear Zindagi For Shahrukh Khan But Adding Art Film Dhobi Ghat For Aamir Khan... Well Shahrukh Fans Never Surprise Me!

by Unit Manager (30.4k points)



What If i add Dear Zindagi in the list? So then can i add Dhobi Ghat in the list acc to you?


Well As You Wish Its Your Post You Can Do Whatever You Want But I Dont Think It Would Be Correct To Add Those Films Specially Dhobi Ghat Which Isnt Even A Feature Film!


Suraj chand wil have added dz if it was hit by saying it was bcoz of srk.. so no dz here

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