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wah....kya lag rha h bachchan....after a long time....seeing this much grace

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Revenge is biggest emotions of Indians after love and Bollywood has capitalized on it many times, let's see how they fare this time.

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RCE, the name is enough to tell what its result could be.

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i wish to downvote ur answer but i can't....as u can be right this time too....sadly


Baadshah, yeah I never wanted to be right about zero or even jhms for that matter. But sadly the writing was on the wall.


hmm.....what can an SRK fan feel now....damn

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Another dud from RCE coming, who even cares about such movies? Make some social entertaining movies, drama, comedies, smaller budget, medium level stars and get some sort of hold interest of wasting time like this.

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Looks good but we all know it will be a BO failure. But the content of the movie might be good. Amitabh & Taapsee returning together again after Pink.

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Looks like sureshot success to me.

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RCE ruined a classic with iteffaq and now lets see how this one goes

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Sujoy Ghosh is a good director ... so could be a Surprise package

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