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For Salman, kick2. I know there are talks of a sequel and I would love to see it being made. Not a bad idea to explore Bajrangi and munni's story too, perhaps can add a time gap to make it more interesting.

 For aamir, ghajini and PK deserve a sequel. Would love to see aamir back as the killing machine. For SRK the only movie can be HNY perhaps with a better supporting cast and a better storyline.
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He talked about recent years, but in all if there's a movie that deserves sequel then it's this one anyday. It'll be automatically become one of the biggest hyped movies ever & that's despite JHMS & Zero fiasco.

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I would Raees should get a sequel. Not because the movie deserves it but the presentation of SRK's character deserves. That is a character and a look that deserves to be in a better, more entertaining movie.

Since he had a son, you can just make it his son's journey. Take away the rest of the cast, maybe include Nawazuddin for a bit where Raees Jr. kills him as an act of revenge. Otherwise make it a journey for him from being a man who's been told his entire life to keep his head down and be a civilised person and finally embrace his true instincts and become a gangster.

I would like to see the world of Sultan again but that's a finished story brining it back would be pointless. Kick as most would say is a good idea.

Aamir should be in a PK sequel dealing with the consequences of bringing his species to earth. It can be classic RKH story of learning to accept others and becoming a closer community.

Saif Ali Khan should be in Race 4.

by Assistant Director (48.1k points)
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Brillant answer. +1 to that.


Yes i agree but srk die in the movie so how sequel possible? If sequel made than definetely works. I love raees.


In second paragraph I wrote that it can be about his son.


That mean you want to say his son also srk yes it is good idea. And raees ia a good film and made a good entertainer again than again wonder at the box office. Raees cross 2 cr footfalls if not clashed.

0 votes

I would say TZH but that itself was a sequel
Kick 2 even i would love to see

by Assistant Director (42.4k points)
0 votes

We need G.One & Krrish & Chitty & an elderly Mr India vs a rogue alien race trying to destroy humanity & rule earth.

by Mega Star (212k points)
0 votes

Kick 2 with Rohit Shetty as director will be a Blockbuster

by Executive Producer (62.9k points)
0 votes

Wanted, Pk, Ra-One, 3idiots, & No entry ....
with the already announced Krish-4, Kick-2, TZH sequel .... etc

by Editor (84.2k points)

No Entry sequel is in the making?


May be yes with Arjun kapoor in lead..

0 votes

aamir - 3 idiots
srk - raone/raees
salman - wanted

by Production Accountant (25.2k points)

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