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At this point of time Salman has given consecutive 13 100cr grossers and Nobody is even close to it.

Heres a look at Back to Back 100 Cr Films

Salman - 13*

SRK - 6

Akshay - 5

Hrithik - 3

Aamir - 3


Varun - 2

Ranbir - 2

Ajay - 0

Tiger - 0

Lot of big stars have failed although Aamir can break it but he doesnt have the volume to really challenge. Although this record will be broken by somebody in next 10-15 yrs.

But it doesnt look like to be broken by any Big stars of today.  And one more point to be noted is Salman is still Ruling and might end of giving any number .
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None. Aamir does not have volume to support him. SRK is done. Others are not in the race, perhaps Akshay can come close seeing the number of movies he does.

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Akki can give 15 consecutive 100crs grossers?? Ri8 now he is at 1 after gold.


I meant he can get somewhat close. And by close I meant 3 or 4. The gap between Salman and the others is huge at the moment.


Nice answer and heres the gift.

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And his 13 /14 clean Hits in the 90s will be higher than Mount Everest for 99.99% of male actors.

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only the prince of bollywood can

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Who is prince of bollywood... Never heard that


ofcourse ranbir


Bwahahahahahahahahaha. Salman has never been insulted this bad in life. Ranbir and prince? 13 back to back 100cr movies? He wont get to 1/4th of that number in his entire life.


haha sadly inflation and ranbirs stardom will only increase so he will get there easily

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Yes big possibilites because you asking next 10 years and after 5 - 6 years 100 cr required only 0.4-0.5 lac footfalls which is very easy task but 1 cr footfalls continuous for 13 times is unbrokeable in near future aslo. And remember this record is not out currently and salman easily took it to 25 continuous 1 cr+ footfalls film.

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Not impossible but looks difficult.

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