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Only 4 Bollywood Actors Has Achieved This 2 Of Them are MEGASTARS & Another 2 are SUPERSTARS

NOTE -> Bollywood Actor ASHOK KUMAR  Has Also 25+ Hits & 50+ Success But He Was in Supporting Roles in Some Movies.

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Amitabh ji and Dharm hi are legends two biggest megastars of Bollywood,Salman will join the list of actors having 25 + hits and 50+ successful films ,srk also have a chance if he did right films and if Akshay continue his good run for next 3-4 years he will end up with 35+ hits and 65+ successful films .

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only four stars rest struggle kar rahe hai rest star ko time lagega per touch nahi kar payege, ab to ek aur list banega 50 hits and 80 success aur es list main sirf real megastar aayenge amitabh and dharam.

by Location Manager (5.9k points)
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post karte jao forum per rest jise halla karna hai karne do vivek , jab kuch nahi hota hai wo yahi karta hai . aaj ke star per to hemaji hi kaafi hai.

+3 votes

This Is A Terrific Record, Having 25 Hits And 50 Success Is A Huge Achievement Which These 5 Actors Have, Salman Can Also Achieve This, May Be Even Shahrukh.

On A Side Note- Amitabh Bachchan, Dilip Kumar, Salman Khan And Dharmendra Have Best Record On Box Office, They Simultaneously Have 40 Success, 30 Hits, 20 Big Hits And 15 Blockbusters Along With Other Major Records And Great Opening Performance, Truely Deserving All Time Great Megastars

Dilip Kumar Achieved It In Least Number Of Movies Having Just 10 Outright Flops Besides Being Best In Terms Of Major Box Office Records- 4 Atbb, 4 Atg, 9 Biggest Hit Of Year, 2 Biggest Hit Of Decade, 2nd Biggest Hit Of Century And All Time, 1 All Circuit Record Breaker, 4 Movies Of 5 Cr Footfalls, 6 Movies Of 4 Cr Footfalls, Around 10 Films Of 3 Cr Footfalls, 1 Movie Of 10 Cr Footfalls.
Im Sure His Bumper And Record Openers Count Will Also Be Very Good.
He Also Has 50% Hit And 80% Success Ratio Even As Per Strict Old BOI Verdict System Doing 55 Odd Films!

by Assistant Director (42.4k points)

Hmm Aamir Khan At Present Is Same As Manoj Kumar As Far As Box Office Is Concerned But I Think Aamir Will Be Ahead Because His Career Is Still Not Over Yet Plus BOI Also Considers Longevity Of Stardom/Superstardom Apart From Box Office For Rankings And In Stardom Even At Present He Is Ahead

I Think As An Actor Aamir Is Ahead Of Raj Kapoor Though Overall Raj Kapoor Is Among All Time Great Legends Of Bollywood

"prr FORUMS me post krna mana hai islie nahi kiya" hahaha


Hahahah Haa inn sab ka RULE mere aate he Forums me lagg jata h


Even my post was closed


Haa UPDATE ke baad waise bhi band ho jyga

+2 votes

Ashok Kumar is a legend and one of the finest actors of all time.

by Star (146k points)

Yes bro..

0 votes

Salman Has 30 Hits And 40 Success. With 20 Big Hits and 15 Blockbuster With 1 All Time Top 4 Blockbuster Ever.

by Unit Manager (31.1k points)

Acha Thik h

0 votes

Look at Ugly Bachhan and Handsome Dharmendra. Dont know how he became A huge star..Its mainly salim javed who saved his failed acting carrer in 1973.

by Location Manager (6.5k points)

Yes Really Bro ...
I don't know what happen to media,, magazine,,BOI,,Google They are Big Fan of Amitabh ..
Magazine say That Amitabh most popular star from 1990-97 I don't know why isn't Salman was bigger star in 90s ???

""star of the Millennium"" if you write this on Google then Only Amitabh names will come & This Google say that SALMAN is A Worst Actor Of Bollywood ..
BOI say Amitabh is Biggest Star ever but how ??
Salman has more 300cr Club Movies than Amitabh
Media humesa se SADI KA MAHANAYAK Amitabh ko bolti hai prr salman is More bigger than Ugly AMITABH...air agar amitabh sadi ka mahanayak hai to SALMAN BHAI brahmand ke mahanayak hai..that's it.
We don't care about what MEDIA ,,BOI,, MAGAZINE & GOOGLE say about Salman Bhai


Sadi ka nalayak bhi tha Bacchan till Salim javed Saved his carreer. Warna abhisek bachhan se bhi buri haalat thi Lol.


Sahi baat hai...wahi salim jo Bhai ko bhik me movie dilaye the


ye salim kaun hai jisko koe nahi jaanta, amitabh ki filmo se jaana gaya.

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