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You must see how many flops and disasters the actors had before the said movie.
eg.Sunny Deol had 5 flops before Jeet and Salman Khan had 3.
Before Saajan, Sanjay Dutt had 1 solihit out of 4 hits in 9 years and Salman had 3 in 2 years with just one flop out of 6 movies.

by Executive Producer (62.2k points)
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Waiting for Salman to cross MPK Footfalls...


Already crossed by HAHK and both are masterpieces and two of the 5 biggest solohits of all times.


Yes same for Prabhas ..
Bahubali 1 & Bahubali 2 will remain Biggest Hit ever for him...Kyuki ab SS RAJAMOULI help nahi krne wale.


Vivek weed kitne ka liya...

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find every single audience member who watched the movie and ask them who they think was the lead of the movie.

this is the most accurate way.

of course you would have to find 3cr people for movies like KA and K3G.

by Assistant Director (47.7k points)

Are sir


But I think Actor with Highest MARKET VALUE at that time should be Considered as 1st Lead


Classic Hola style.


Mjhe SRKIANS se Umid hai kii KA ka mention jrur kiya jyga

+1 vote

There are very few cases in which this is debateable.

by Production Accountant (25.2k points)
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Amitabh Bachchan multistarrers were blockbuster due to him after Sholay greatest blockbuster

by Location Scout (4.3k points)

No need
Kuch saal phle SRKIANS compare krte krte apna Kuch Saal barbad krr diye Aur Result kya mila SRK is Not in TOP 3 all time Ranking ...
Same Salman Fans aise he krr rhe last me Result wahi aayga SALMAN failed to be in TOP 3 All Time Star Ranking...Kuch Saal ye barbaad krr denge apna...
Bolne do kitna bolenge 10 saal aur 20 saal uske baad Koi aur Actor aa jyga aur mai 100% sure hu wo Actor ke fans bhi aise he Compare krnge prr Result kuch nahi milne wala bas Haa POPULARITY Paa jynge media ke wjah se jo SRK,,SALMAN,,AKSHAY etc paaye hue hai


No Salman fan has ever claimed Salman greater than Amitabh Bachchan and Dilip Kumar as we are not fools , maybe we hope Salman better his records to be in top 3 all time.Amitabh is GOAT of boxoffice and Dilip Kumar is GOAT of acting plus stardom.


How Bro i am not agree with You
AMITABH is a Most Overrated actor his Mostly movies became HUGE ATBB ..bcoz of MULTISTARRER + MANMOHAN + MEHRA..
Salman was too Most Overrated actor before 2009 he has not a Solo 2cr Footfalls movie without SOORAJ after 2010 His Whole carrer depend on Festival ...result veer vs Dabangg ...Jai Ho vs Kick me dekhne ko mil gya tha only READY was a Exception ...But Salman has more 100cr Club movie & 300cr Club movie so he is way Bigger than Amitabh..
Ek DHARMENDRA & DILIP he hai jinka maine koshish kiya excuses nikalne ka paar nahi mila


who decide top 3,top 5 superstar? you or boi? what is criteria for superstar? the man who ruled almost 2 decade, all top banners, directors, wants to work with him,whole media want his interview, awards organizer want him, the most consistent from 1992 untill 2014 while delivering hits not only in india but also in overseas is not a big superstar according to you and boi ok live in your dream world there is big world outside boi also

top superstar are
dilip kumar50s 60s
rajesh khanna for short periof
big b 70s 80s
srk 90s, 00s
salman current decade

how can dhrmendra rajendra kumar are superstar? there are always one superstar in particular era when bigb was superstar then how can dharmendra is suprstar at same time
these superstar things dont judge by just footfall, hgoty, blockbuster etc but actors demand among producers, distributor,, director who decides who is superstar because they knows more than u and boi dilip kumar, bigb, RK, srk used to get big banner offer to do big budget movies, now salman and aamir enjoying same thing. in 90s salman given 2 huge blockbuster still he didnt get big solo hero movies from big banner because producers distributors knows the reality more than us and he has to settleed with 2 hero movies but today story is totally different

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If an actor is successful currently, his past multistarrers are also counted as his solo success, if unsuccessful, he would be forgotten and the credit goes to others. For example HAHK is now counted as Salman's movie, but it belonged to Madhuri then. Even Shashi Kapoor and Dharmendra outshined Amitabh in movies, media nowgives credit if those movies to Amitabh more. History is rewritten by winners, so starting in firm stature for a long time is needed.

by Location Manager (7.8k points)

There is Difference between Stardom & Credit...
Sanam Bewfa ka Credit to Danny & Pran ko jata hai prr mjhe lagta hai SONGS ke wjah se chli thi wo movie..
Jaha taak HAHK kii baat hai wo To MADHURI ko Belong krta hai as BOI also said 1991-97 Madhuri No.1 star ...
Jaha taak AMITABH Kaa baat hai unko to sab Outshine krr deta tha prr jo outshined krta tha unki Movie kabhi chlti he nahi thi solo me


vivek rai tumhari kuch baten sahi hai lekin kuch bate galat hai. reality is salman was bigger star (not superstar) than sanju during saajan but saajan k success se sanju ko jada fayda hua aur iska proof sadak, adharm, khalnayak, khatrya ki bumper opening hai other hand salman falled big time and could not bounce back until pktdk and hahk is neither because of maduri or salman, but credit has entirely gone to suraj and his release strategy and madhuri got most benefits of its success and she got lot of offer from big banner. same goes to deewana srk got most benefit from deewana like madhuri for hahk.
aur tum jo boi bole usper entirely belive mat karo karisishma was bigger star than madhuri in 90s she has given hit with venkatesh (anari) harish (prem qaidi), police office (jackey) to akshay (janwar) she was most consistent performer throughout decade madhuri lost her stardom post raja itself she gave back to back big budget flop like yarana, premgranth, to aarzoo mohabbat etc

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