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1. Yaadon Ki Baraat - Multistarrer

2. Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak - Solo (credit goes to actress)

3. Dil - Solo (credit goes to actress)

4. Hum Hai Rahi Pyar Ke - Solo

5. Rangeela - Multistarrer

6. Raja Hindustani - Solo (credit goes to Actress)

7. Ishq - Multistarrer

8. Ghulam - Solo

9. Sarfarosh - Solo

10. Lagaan - Solo

Note - 1. Please consider multistarrer when other star also having a good space in the movie. And at that time of release he has some star power.

2. Don't say credit goes to director because each and every movie credit goes to director without director movie not doing well.

3. So aamir khan given 10 hits in single screen era but 4 solo hits with credit given by aamir khan.

4. Don't say yaaron ki baaraat is not include aamir khan filmography after Boi update because Boi confirm it already.
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DGKMN kan be hit but JJWS have no chance. it is not necessary all average bb, b1, should be changed to hit . chamatkar also had BB, but still itwont be hit but Raju ban gaya gentelman and DHKMN is possibly hit


Ajay bhai tum kyu fan war kar rahe ho...first u need to actual position of that time..people used to called rani hindustani and rangeeli...boi is only wrong about Dil aand qskt. amir juhi madhuri all walked away with credit. and boi is not srk fan they are deol family fan.. sunny deol was sidekick to sridevi in chalbaaz, ram avtar and nigahein but theydidnt mensioned iin late sridevi,s article
riishi, vinod khanna were side kick in chandani but they mentioned sridevi,s double role in guru..actually guru was totally mithundas dont follow entirely whatever boi says


All Average/BB May Not Be Hit But All B1 Are Hits, JJWS Wasnt BB It Was B1 (A1 In Some Cricuits) Just Like DHKMN And These 2 Are Surehot Hits, Doubt Is On Tum Mere Ho As Its Below B1 Level Success!

As Regards Chamatkaar And Raju Ban Gaya Gentelman They Were Given Below Average Verdict As Per Old BOI And Not A Single Below Average Verdict Film Is Made Hit By BOI Only Average Above Average And Semi Hit Are Upgraded As Hits!


Rancho bro. Boi old data was totally wrong especially 90s data....why they given rangeela blockbuster from semihit status. and ishq from semi hit to superhit...because they have collected right information...some movies verdict remained same like ahat and they are right about that.. its is not just they are upgrading one step of every movie...i m not exaggerating about myself but i was also more interested in collecting box numbers since 1989 the way you and ajay are collecting today...and as far as i know jjws was average that time movie did good business only in mumbai and pune city and rest of the country it was flop...average..i can give first two weeks collection in mumbai city..first week in mumbai 92%, second week 74%, but rest of the country it was below 80% in first week in rerun it did better business in mumbai...similar case with khkn and salami...khkn first week mumbai 98%, second week 88% third week 79% but rest of the country was 60-70% collecction in first week..agar mante ho to thik hai nahi to koi baat nahi

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Firstly I Dont Think Yaadon Ki Baarat Is Aamir's Film

Secondly Dil Hai Ke Manta Nahi And Jo Jeeta Wahi Sikander Is Missing From Your List

Thirdly And Most Importantly Out Of 19 Hits Of Aamir 17 Have Been Solo Hits.

Only Rangeela And Ishq Have Been Multistarrer.
Aamir Overshadowed Jackie In Rangeela Completely And Jackie Was In Supporting Role To Be Specific,
As Regards Ishq Well Yes It Was A Parallel Lead Film But Here Also Aamir Overshadowed Ajay And Was A Bigger Star In That Film Which Can Been Seen Through Star Rankings And Star Prices Of That Time As Well As Magazine Surveys!

These Actress Credit Point Is Baseless, I Can Still Agree For Madhuri But Not For Juhi And Karishma, Juhi Herself Confessed Her 1st Film Was A Flop And She Became Star Due To QSQT And After This Film Aamir Took All Limelight No One Was Asking Her, This Were Her Words, As Regards Karishma Well She Never Saw An Atbb In Her Career Whereas Aamir Gave 4 More!

by Unit Manager (35.8k points)
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Hmm So Aamir's Debut Film Is Yaadon Ki Baarat Which Means He Already Has 20 Hits And 10 Blockbusters, Fair Enough!

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sahi hai per yahi haal salman ka bhi 90s main raha hai , judawa ke alwa koe impactful role nahi hai sajan,jeet , sb, ho ya fir actress orinted wali hahk and mpk.

by Location Scout (3.9k points)

Ascha! Iss hisab se toh Amitji ka entire career hi impactful nhi hai. Saare hits ek toh multistarrers the upar se all time greatest directors like Manmohan Desai, Prakash Mehra etc ke sath the...haha


bigb has not given clean hit post mard in 1985....shahenshah was underperformer hit like ra1, hum was under performer hit and it was huge canvas multistarrer movie, only aka was clean hit but again it was not big hit like dil ghayal and footfall may stay below 2 cr


aka, and hum update ke baad blockbuster hoga. kyuki ab roi per verdicts nahi mil raha huge gross per mil raha hai otherwise tzh bhi sirf hit hoti.


rahi baat pm aur md ki en dono ka bhi life sashi satru aur vinod ki tarah amitabh ne bana diya. agar enki movies hata bhi lo to bhi 40 plus hits hai jo kisi bhi star se jyada hai.

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Ghulam ,,Sarfaroshi,,Lagaan Are Only AAMIR khan movie as 1st Lead + With Credits...
Aur MP ke baad jo movie rlse hui wo sab AAMIR ke stardom ke wjah se chli...MP ke baad AAMIR kii sab acha Opening bhi leti thi aur Collection bhi krti thi...
90s aisa Decade hai jaha sirf Sanjay,, Amitabh,,Srk (late 90s),, Deol kii movie chlti thi unke Stardom prr baaki 90s Songs + Content Movie ke wjah se Popular hai

by Location Manager (5.6k points)

@nitesh bola naa bhai Ignore them


BOI Is Dalaal Of Srk Clearly Visible. Last 5 Years Not A Single Hit Given By Srk And His Place Is 3rd.


Yes BOI is Dallal of SRK agree with you


muje bhi boi pasand nahi hai ye muje anti amitabh site lagta hai even mks 5.7 cr footfalls dene ke baad bhi muje lagta hai mks ka 8 cr hona chahiye per bahas to boi ke verdicts maan kar es forum per ho raha hai,

yahi boi ne hi bola hai srk all time greats main nahi aa sakta es era se only salman.

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