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Its a race between this song and Guru Randhawa's Lahore to hit the billion mark.

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Biggest in Boxoffice
Biggest on Tv
Biggest on Social media
Biggest on Youtube.
Biggest star by every criteria
Guys Enjoy This Megastardom... We wil hardly get to see this craze for a star in next 30 years.

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Call anything bad dancer,bad actor,crap movies or anything ; records matter for us

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Swag se karenge records ka swagat

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Hope it hits the billion mark before any other Indian song.

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Lahore might hit first. Btw Finally India will have an Music video with over 1B Views!!


Lahore might be the first. High Rated Gabru is not far behind.

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Yrf must get this song to 1B+

Guru’s song are also closing in on that!

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Below average song though video is good.

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Excellent record.....

Another. Acheivement. For Salman..

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