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There was a top twenty star list started here a couple of quarters back and the last quarter has seen a rise for Ranveer Singh and Kangana Ranaut. The jury is still out as to who is a bigger star between Ranveer Singh and Tiger Shroff as on fair value the opening of Baaghi 2 is as good if not better than Simmba which had a huge bonus od a top director front lining the film. But for the moment the lifetime success of Simmba and Tiger Shroff not consolidating the mega success of Baaghi 2 as yet means Ranveer Singh edges past for rankings..



The other change is Kangana Ranaut going up a few places. The film Marnikarnika may not be be a huge HIT but its a plus for the Kangana Ranaut as she was the only face of the film. It managed a 39 crore nett holiday weekend (32 crore nett fair value) which is a solid opening for a heroine film and will also put up a healthy final total. The top six stars remains as they were though the films of the top three did not perform last year though that is more about the films.



The third quarter 2018 update can be seen here. The fourth quarter 2018 update can be seen here. 



The below positions are not based on just box office numbers as its difficult to bring in female stars that way as the credit (there will be a heroine top ten due to the number of people demanding one for heroines) has to be calculated and even male stars (barring Akshay Kumar in last few films) are padded with other elements and are not totally depending on themselves for the numbers. It takes everything into account and reflects that scenario. The positions of the last quarter are in brackets. The next update will be in Apr / May 2019.




1. Salman Khan (1)


2. Aamir Khan (2)


3. Shahrukh Khan (3)


4. Akshay Kumar (4)


5. Ranbir Kapoor (5)


6. Hrithik Roshan (6)


7. Ranveer Singh (10)


8. Tiger Shroff (7)


9. Varun Dhawan (8)


10. Ajay Devgn (9)


11. Alia Bhatt (11)


12. Deepika Padukone (12)


13. Kareena Kapoor (13)


14. John Abraham (14)


15. Katrina Kaif (15)


16. Kangana Ranaut (20)


17. Shahid Kap oor (16)


18. Arjun Kapoor (17)


19. Anushka Sharma (18)


20. Shraddha Kapoor (19)

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11 Answers

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Aamir wasting it imo despite being the biggest star along with Salman. HR deserves being ahead of akshay if he can manage his volume.

by Star (146k points)
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+4 votes

Another day another time salman is no 1 in other news sky is blue

by Assistant Director (46k points)
+4 votes
  1. Salman The Undisputed Megastar Ever For A Multiplex Era.

  2. Hrithik Roshan Wake Up And Do More Movies Because You Deserve Min Top 4 Ranking.

by Unit Manager (31.1k points)
+3 votes

Salman khan the biggest Megastar since khan era started

by Production Accountant (25.8k points)
+1 vote

Not a surprise to see Salman at the top rightly called as Megastar, Khans still remain the top3, HR needs to up his volume.
He deserves far better position if not for his laziness.
Agree with the top 10,but John should have been at no11, he can guarantee a 6-7cr decent regardless of the genre which the female stars above him can't do.
Female stars is a myth in Bollywood, they were there till madhuri after that they only add extra value to a movie, they can't take it on her own.
Agree with the female stars ranking Alia is leading by a distance now, Deepika have to focus on Bollywood now, she has successfully wasted many years of her pick stardom, there was no need to go Hollywood.
Priyanka did that after her pick phase.

by Unit Manager (35.3k points)
+1 vote

Aamir khan and hrithik roshan should do more movies. Agree with rankings except a few.

by Production Accountant (29.2k points)
+1 vote

After the bumper opening of Bharat Salman Khan will consolidate his position for some years

by Second Unit Director (71.6k points)
0 votes

Ajay should be above Hrithik and Ranbir.

by Location Scout (4.5k points)
0 votes

Bakwaas Ranking...
SRK kya 3rd Prr krr raha hai

by Location Manager (8k points)
–1 vote

Why Is Hrithik Still In Top 10?

by Production Accountant (27.4k points)

Once a superstar, always a superstar. If a father could manufacture superstars, Uday Chopra would be leading the pack. But of course understanding this point needs a functioning mind. And you my man are blessed with a malfunctioning one.


To Clear The Delusion, He Was Never One.


To further clear the delusion, aamir is not even a star without Xmas, case in point being the fact he has not seen 150cr without xmas and actors like Tiger Shroff have done it. Now go and write God Of Bollywood a 1000 times and on that happy note watch TOH 10 times. Dismissed.


Aamir khan Not—a-Flop starter pack:
Xmas, free run, content, supporting role

–3 votes

Lets see what this hrithik hater site will update when yrf HR film will do 300cr...
Ranbir and akki above hrithik is not justified and srk is unmoved despite of 3 flops in last 4 movies..

by Location Scout (3.8k points)

Hritik is definitely a big star but how can you expect boi to put him over Akshay when he doesn't have release from around two years his last hit was years ago and even the recent ones are not open good while Akshay may finish this dacade with around 13-14 hits which is a decent achievement at least.


i agree akki has been giving hits,but ranbir had huge flops and disasters in last 5 years and with just 1 sanju he movies a head of hrithik,when every 1 knows its all about raj kumar hirani direction.


Yes agree with your point about sanju but hritik should start doing at least one film per year can't understand why he himself wasting his potential and stardom,he is a superstar and should up his volume for his fans and audience.


Akshay above HR is completely justified. He has worked hard and chosen good movies and he deserves his rewards.

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