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+5 votes

Watch out for this one, it's going to be huge if really get made. 

4th Highest Korean grosser of All-time above that a Perfect Class-Mass project for Salman with Action-Thrill-Drama-Comedy. 

In 2015 Action blockbuster movie Veteran clocked up more than 13.4M admissions .

According to Nikhil Namit (CEO of Real life production) Salman Khan will be playing the lead in the remake and rest of the cast and crew will be announced shortly. 

Veteran trailer


Source Link: Screen daily. Com
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If the director and other cast is good then this one will create havoc at box office. Tailor made for Salman

by Production Accountant (29.2k points)
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+1 vote

This looks good. I haven't seen the movie but from what I read of its story, this is Salman's domain. He definitely should do this.

by Star (146k points)

Yeah I'll catch it. The story is tailor made for Salman Khan and a sureshot BB.


Bhai thats torrentt na..... please refrain from sharing torrentts.... pirayy hurts everyone


Bro it's a 4 year old Korean movie that's why I shared, still if you say so will take care of this in future.

0 votes

Yes yes i want this not that brajatya movie do it do it

by Assistant Director (46k points)
0 votes

After seeing the trailer this movie looks like ek tha tiger type which has a lot of action and thrill. Yes salman do it. This movie sure shot blockbuster.

by Unit Manager (31.1k points)

Thanx for link I try to watch it.

0 votes

Damn... One more remake. Tiger 3 is also going to be an remake. No issues but why bollywood is steady on creating remakes and remakes! And why bollywood is steady on ruining classics?!!

by Camera Operator (9.7k points)

I Can't Understand How A Remake Movie Ruining Its Original Movie. Althought Both Are Different Movies. So You Watch It Also If You Liked And If Not Than Neglet It.

0 votes

yess the only actor to do something new everytime eagerly waiting for this one

by Location Manager (6.1k points)

haha nice one
but as a fan dont you want salman to do something new as well instead of doing remakes and sequels but if most salman fans are cool with it then its totally fine


To be really honest with you, I just want him to do good movies. Remake or no. Good movies.

He’s not Aamir Khan. You can’t say he’s wasting his talent or time with those remakes. It’s Salman, a guy who had an entire decade that was disastrous! No one to blame other than himself.

If he can make a good movie, I’m fine. Whatever it is. I’d be disappointed if Nolan remakes some movie. Because that would mean we’re missing out on something. But it’s Salman Khan. Same for SRK now. I’d be happy with a remake rather than that torture Zero.


thats a great point i mean these guys have only few years left now and only salman is doing movies regularly.He is working very hard and professional these days unlike his earlier days when he just used to do most films with friends and family and sleepwalk through most roles that is one thing i respect now .

as for srk its completely the opposite now he has slowed down a lot now and i would never imagine a year like 2019 where we would have no movie of his even though he is not injured or something .He needs to go out with a bang do 2-3 films big films together if they fail then its good accept it but do not do something just to please some critics


Exactly.. in trying to pull off something different.. srk has done huge blunders.. one after another.. he has to accept that he just doesn’t have it anymore.. that sense.. that quality.. Aamir has that.. well ofcourse you had TOH but one mistake after many ATGs can be considered as an anomaly...

Salman is working his arse off.. and that has paid.. he had underperformers but not at srk’s levels.. all had crossed 100 and were not flops.. so I would say if he can make another 300 with this remake.. bring it.. rather than trying something out of the box.. because trying something different requires that hold and sense over the movie.. I honestly think Salman and srk lack that.. let the director and a proven story take the centre stage