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Very good gesture to accept his mistake.
It was a embarrassment, move on and come back with a good movie.

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Salman will never accept his failures like tubelight and race 3.

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Why compare?

It's not like Salman Khan has been supported when he called his older films bigger flops than what they actually were!

And both Tubelight & Race 3 was SKF production. Let's see if Ram Charan or any other actor would utter the same for the films produced by them.


Salman did say that Tubelight was a very sad movie. Not for a festive mood. Thats the closest we’re getting to an apology or acceptance of mistake.

Race 3 on the other hand, made 300 WW. Call it a bad movie but it was not a failure.

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Good to see that btw he ignored Boyapati in this statement
Angry with him or just not to get fans upset by naming him

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Thanked each & every technician. It is his statement to the fans & audience, so no need to name others.


no i agree director is different from "each & every technician" must be some cold blood