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in Non-Bollywood by Location Scout (3.2k points)
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Make Rancho Ajay
Don't make TB admin please

8 Answers

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I assure you, THUNDER BIRD will take flight again.

by Mega Star (211k points)
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@zin it is wrong to remove anyone from admin esp to a old user make tb admin again asap


King Khan it's better to let @zin decide that isn't it?,


are thats'y i addresed it to him

btw you must be knowing him so do convince him



@Intense i told you, the revolution has begun, it can't be stopped now.

+1 vote

I will be happy even if all mods are Srk fans but not him.

by Executive Producer (62.1k points)

No one knows your favourite star.


I tell you go my profile page and read there.


TB, recommend Ajay if they ask you. Once removed is gone. Dignity bhi kuch hoti hai...


First of all i wasn't removed, i volunteered to step down willingly because things were getting out of handt, so it's not that i was kicked by insulting and all, infact it's bigger dignity to accept once mistake & accept the punishment which i did, so i have dignity, don't worry about it.

+1 vote

2 years ago, Jatinder bhi Twitter se aise namune dhund dhund ke laya tha khud mod banane ke liye aur intense and Irdwhelp ko mod banne se rokne ke liye... TB sir try something new. Zin is well aware of this tactic.

by Unit Manager (37.5k points)
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0 votes

A Big Noooooo...............

by Production Accountant (25.9k points)


When he learns respect for forum members than thought him.

0 votes

Well it will take some while

Or maybe won’t happen at all.

by Unit Manager (33.1k points)
0 votes

Yea there should be equality.. .....

by Production Accountant (24.3k points)
0 votes

SRKians kisike bhikh nahi lete. TB jaisa hai, waisa hi achcha hai. He can express. If you make him so called expert or moderator, you won't see him answering like how he is now.

Tom Cruise ko Mod bananeko bolo, Rancho, Santosh Roman etc, not TB please!

by Location Manager (7.8k points)
–1 vote

an akki fan should be a mod and remove that biased mod intense , tb better than him

by Set Designer (2k points)
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@king khan
U don't know much about him and about the forum as you have joined couple weeks ago. He's one of the best and unbiased user cum mod here. He doesn't even hesitate to ban Hrithik fans for their mistakes. He had hidden many of my posts ans/cmnts, banned me once or twice, we used to fight over many things and still I'm saying he's one of the best.


lol sallu fans and sallu mod grouping too much fun


This conversation has a completely different meaning now


Haha one guy, two accounts... against the world!

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