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Msk - ???
Gm - ??

Full name


Hence it's proven Akshay Kumar>>>>Funny paazi back then

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Let me do you a better
"Do we want to know that msk and gm were slightly short of records both bumper due to star power of Akshay who had 2 record openers ajnabee and sik"

And the answer is NO

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What a stardom Akshay Kumar. Since 1997 to 2003 not a single hit movie given by Akshay and suddenly his fans says msk 2004 open bumper due to Akshay. Tauji Sunny deol multistareer se hi opening deta tha 90's main uska kya.?

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@intense who given flag here for me check and told me can i say anything personal ghere.

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Ajnabee was majorly due to Bobby deol, he was a big force in thrillers.
His thrillers used to open huge then after gupt then agree for sik and GM.
But check garv opening before msk or tere naam and akki's record before msk.
15cr+ grosser before MSK
Salman 13
Akki 0
Full stop

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